We’re Both Happy Today

Yesterday wasn’t Lion’s day. Well, it wasn’t supposed to be. According to my calendar he should have waited until June 6 for an orgasm. I think it would have been an 18 day wait. A long time in Lion years. So why did I give in after such a short wait?

After I manscaped him in the sling, I started playing with him. As I was pressed against his buns jerking him off it looked a little like I was jerking myself off. My Lion was moaning and telling me it felt good. I’m not sure why it felt any better than any other time I’ve played with him. Maybe it was the angle. I sucked him for a bit and then went back to using my hand. Eventually he had a tiny drop of pre-cum. He tastes so good I couldn’t help but suck him more. And as I stroked him with my tongue I was rewarded with more pre-cum. Once I tasted it I knew I had to make him come. I alternated between mouth and hand a few more times and then went in for the kill. Lionesses can only play with their food for so long, you know.

There he was, spread-eagle in the sling with a silly smile on his face. He was a happy boy. And I was happy both because I had made him happy and because I got a mouthful of yummy goodness out of the deal. Lion cum is the nectar of the gods. Okay, it’s the nectar of Mrs. Lion. But we were both happy and that’s all that matters.

Lion remembered earlier in the day that it was punishment day. He reminded me like a good boy. Somewhere around 9 pm, during a break in the tv action, I gave him his swats. Six hard swats for forgetting maintenance spanking night and two hard swats for squirming during those first six swats. They were hard swats, but come on, Lion. You need to hold still!

Unfortunately, that was the end of our long weekend together. Fortunately, we have just three days till our next weekend. I love short work weeks.