Different Styles Of Enforced Chastity

It’s been really quiet here. Mrs. Lion is back at work and apparently many of the hiring managers are taking the week off. I truly hate waiting for the phone to ring. I need to find work soon. After Sunday’s explosive orgasm, I figured my interest in sex would be next to nothing. But no, yesterday I was quite horny. I’m glad that I’m still interested in sex. I would not want a repeat of last week’s loss of libido. The long weekend was great fun. It always feels so good when I’m with Mrs. Lion. I didn’t make the same mistake that I did on Friday. I reminded Mrs. Lion that Tuesday is maintenance spanking day. Monday night’s spanking did a good job of reinforcing the point. Maintenance spankings are much easier to take than punishment.

Thursday is my 500th day of enforced chastity. I’m not sure that this is any sort of milestone, but it’s a nice, round number. A lot has changed in those 500 days. My sexuality is completely centered around Mrs. Lion. She, in turn, has remained in firm control of it. While her interest in sex is still lost, her management of mine is skillful and frustrating for me. While it would be preferable for her to regain her horniness, she’s compensated so that my libido doesn’t suffer more than she happily makes it. I can’t complain. It’s exactly what I asked her to do.

Meanwhile, I’ve discovered other, similar souls engaged in enforced chastity. It’s been big fun reading their blogs and following along with their lives. The other day I mentioned that Steeled Snake and his keyholder, Charmer, were playing a very challenging game. Snake was to masturbate 12 times between Friday and Monday night in order to win extra points in a game they play. Sadly, Snake didn’t make 12. He worked hard and did come seven times. I don’t think I could do that well.  Their game uses a point system. As I understand it, Snake must accumulate 1,400 points by the 14th day he is waiting. If he does, Charmer may give him an orgasm. If he doesn’t have enough points, he is ineligible to come until he gets at least 1,400 points no matter how long it takes. If he exceeds that number, he may  be eligible for a bonus orgasm before the 14 days are up. Even if he gets the requisite points before 14 days, Charmer can still make him wait if she wants. They have their own twists on this. Behavioral lapses results in deductions. Extra-good behavior gets bonus points. You can read more about  this on their blog.

This game requires some bookkeeping. Charmer, with Snake’s help I’m sure, keeps track of the current score. It’s a reward based system that leaves plenty of room for Charmer to be arbitrary if she wants. They both like it and are working on refining it further.

I’m learning that there are multiple ways to approach enforced chastity. The Snakes’ system involves keeping score. There is a lot to be said for this system. It offers endless opportunities to incentivize Snake to any behavior his keyholder wants him to adopt. He works for that wonderful reward: ejaculation. I guess the nerd in me is strongly drawn to this sort of game. It’s fun to work for a possible reward. This sort of system never occurred to me. We have a different approach. My orgasms are arbitrarily given to me by Mrs. Lion independent of behavior or accomplishment. Failure to do what I should is punished. So she still has strong control over me.

Incentives and punishments. What a powerful combination that can be. I thought I had this power exchange stuff all figured out. I was wrong. I have a lot more to learn.


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    Snake did an amazingly good job on his challenge. We were both surprised by how much more difficult it got as the game went on. Of course, my winning means that I need to start more challenges so he can earn back his points. More fun for me.

    Snake, being the nerd that he is, has a spreadsheet on our private blog that keeps track of points for the last 14 days. It is a running total. I do nothing except assign point additions and subtractions and he is responsible for the updates. Loss of points or some other punishment if he doesn’t keep it current. Another page on our blog is the orgasm log for each of us, which he updates. So, not only do I get to make assignments, I don’t have to do any of the bookkeeping. “Make it so…” 🙂 It’s good to be in charge.

    1. Author

      Isn’t automation great? Excellent system. When bookkeeping is required, I end up doing it. We have no system that helps decide if/when I get to come. I’m not sure how much that will appeal to Mrs. Lion. As a nerd myself, stuff like that seems like fun to me.

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    I am fascinated by the concept of male chastity and recently began following you on Twitter. You mentioned that you had hope that the chastity would renew your wife’s interest in sex….do you feel it’s working?

    1. Author

      So far it hasn’t improved her interest. It has given us a context that doesn’t have to include her orgasms that allows me to enjoy a full sex life. The issue with her interest has yet to be solved.

      1. Author

        I am really surprised by that I guess. My husband and I have been married 24 years, and as most long term relationships go we have peaks and valleys! Usually it’s me that’s disinterested, right now it is him. I have been doing a lot of reading to learn new things and I guess I am just fascinated by the concept of male chastity! Somewhat naive about it as well! Having your pleasure controlled by me would be hard to not rev my motor so to speak! I will keep reading and learning! Thanks for the response!

        1. Author

          Having your pleasure controlled by me would be hard to not rev my motor so to speak!
          I hoped that the control would be exciting for her. It isn’t. I still hope that the control will be something that works for her as well as me.

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