Eye To Eye

Partial view of Lion in his sling.
Mrs. Lion is using our sling much more frequently. This is the left side of a picture of me in it. If you want to see the rest, erection and all, click this image.

This is the 20th day of my current wait for an orgasm. This is by far the longest wait I’ve had without a serious, mitigating issue. My all-time record is 22 days. That happened because I had shoulder surgery and was in no shape for sex for over three weeks.

Since I have started this wait, there have been two significant changes in my sex life. The first is that Mrs. Lion has decided to make use of our sling much more frequently. The second is that my feelings about ejaculating have changed significantly.

First, the sling. This is my favorite form of bondage. I’m suspended in the comfortable sling with my legs spread and restrained high above my body. My arms are also secured. My butt hangs over the edge of the sling exposing my anus, penis and balls. (You can see me in all my glory, erection included, if you click here). Mrs. Lion gets full access to all of my naughty bits.

She likes that she can tease me, peg me, and do all sorts of nasty things to my genitals and nipples, while I am firmly secured. I’m at a good height for easy access and, coincidentally (yeah, right) the perfect height for pegging with her RodeOh strap-on.

We added an electric heater to our play room and I connected it to our smart home controller. Now, we can preheat the room with a simple command to our Amazon Echo.

As Mrs. Lion has written, Wednesday is sling day here. She brought me down to the sling on both Monday and Wednesday this week.

Monday, she used menthol rub on my perineum. Wednesday, she wrapped painful Velcro bands around my penis. Both days she used either a plug or a dildo to penetrate me.

The second bit of news is that my attitude toward orgasm seems to have changed. There is a subtle-but-significant shift. I’m not anxious about ejaculating. I’m completely comfortable with things as they stand. I don’t feel any sense of loss or anticipate when I will finally ejaculate. I don’t think this is an increase in any feeling of submission. I’m just as ornery as ever. It’s just that I don’t care about coming, at least for now. I love the sling time and the nearly-daily edging. I would miss that if Mrs. Lion stopped. But orgasm? Nope, I’m not that concerned.

That doesn’t mean I’m not interested in sex. Actually, I am much more interested, as you might expect. My erections are stronger than ever and they stay even after the stimulation stops. In the sling, I’m hard nearly all the time, even when something painful is going on. When I am being edged, I really want to ejaculate. But after the stimulation stops, my interest goes away. It leaves even before I become flaccid.

I love these long-lasting erections. It feels like I am a teenager again. Sometimes, I wish the erection would subside when Mrs. Lion does painful play. The hard cock encourages her to go further.She likes to say,

“Yes, you must like it. You’re hard, right?”

When I’m in the sling, all I can see is the top of my erection. Because my body is at an angle, tilted toward my head, the penis lies on my abdomen, even when hard. It stares up at me, reminding me that I am helpless to do anything to protect it or stimulate it. Sometimes, it seems to be asking me to help stop the pain. Of course I can’t. I silently ask it to get soft. It doesn’t respond. Those silent conversations are strictly one way.

Since sling sessions can last a while and Mrs. Lion may be paying attention to my balls or butt, my penis and I get to spend quite a bit of time staring at each other. He disappears if I become flaccid.

Mrs. Lion and I are both having fun with this wait. I think she is more interested in me ejaculating than I am. It might be better for me to not go too far waiting for orgasms. I just don’t know what “too far” means. Is one orgasm a month going to far? Maybe. I’m sure that less than that would be more than I want to try.

A few years ago, I suggested that Mrs. Lion masturbate me for a specific amount of time. If I failed to ejaculate, she would try again at a later date. It sounded like a sexy kind of game. She declined. Now, I realize that it would never work. The amount of time it takes me to get to the edge of orgasm seems to remain constant regardless of how long I’ve been waiting to come. It takes just as long now as it did when it was only three days after coming. So, if we played that game, I’d never get to ejaculate.

It just occurred to me that if I come once in November and once in December, my yearly total will be 52 orgasms. That takes us to a one-a-week average and is six orgasms less than the 2016 total of 58. However, I’m content to wait for Mrs. Lion’s decision on my next ejaculation. I admit that I am happy, at least now, waiting as long as she wants.




  1. Author

    Hello, Caged Lion.

    I am a new follower of this blog and I have enjoyed reading your posts, especially the most recents ones.

    I know a few days ago in “Dick Pics” you talked about posting pictures of your flaccid and erect penis. My thoughts are, after reading that post and this post, to post penis pictures more often on this blog. Why? It allows other submissives and dominants to sense your exposure, see what you are going through (especially after a teasing session… I would have loved to have seen the effects of the Wartenberg wheel), and for all of us to connect better.

    If you are looking for a personal opinion, which you may not, as a bisexual submissive male that is seeking a dominant, I like your penis and would enjoy seeing more of it in all states, caged, not-caged, flaccid, and erect.

    Thank you for sharing your stories, thoughts, and experiences.

    “Future Caged Sub”

  2. Author

    You are one lucky guy. The sling looks great and she ties you up so well have a great time.

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