All Tied Up

Yesterday I promised Lion play time and restraints. I started off with the rather unsexy job of manscaping, but he was unlocked and I was fondling him as I went. Then I told him I needed to get the cuffs so I could tie him up. He was ready to go. I’m sure I could make things a little tighter so he can’t move at all, but that seems like overkill. I think tying him down is its own turn on.

The first thing I did was tease him that I needed to find the Icy Hot. He didn’t even flinch. He knew I was kidding. That stuff is mean and I don’t use it often. Instead I grabbed my small bag of tricks and proceeded to put clothes pins on his balls. Of course I was stroking him while I was doing it so he was nice and hard. It’s not the most clothes pins I’ve ever had on him, but it was a mix of plain ones, plastic ones and the ones we modified with the traction tape. I haven’t clothes pinned him in a very long time.

Since I was sitting between his legs rather than to his side, I had better access than usual. After I removed the clothes pins I started stroking him again. And then I decided to use both hands for stroking. I started at the base and moved up to the tip in a hand over hand motion. I purposely didn’t stroke from tip to base. He was bucking a little and insists he was able to get the opposite motion anyway. At any rate, he was very turned on by it. I was able to get a little pre-cum and I hadn’t even edged him yet. I decided what I really wanted to do was get him close, but not quite to the edge. You know, give him hope and then take it away. More pre-cum.

Well I couldn’t let this pre-cum go untasted, so I moved down to lick him. I still didn’t really edge him. He was very horny by this time. I asked if he wanted to come and he whispered yes. Not so fast, my pet. I was enjoying the non-edging and my appetizer. Of course, I was still debating whether I should let him come. He’s had quite a few orgasms lately. But here he was, all ready to go, and giving me such wonderful pre-cum. Of course I needed more. So he had his first orgasm while being tied to the bed in a very long time. And I got a mouthful of goodness, which is what I was after.

Afterwards, Lion had a big silly grin on his face. He asked if it turned me on at all. Sadly, no, although I had been thinking I might ride him last night. There’s always next time.