Release At Last

Yesterday, as she promised, Mrs. Lion strapped me into the sling. She took advantage of the opportunity to remove hair as well as play with me. It felt amazing. She edged me over and over. Finally, she took me in her mouth and let me come. It was so intense it hurt. The tip of my penis became instantly sensitive and even her soft tongue felt like sandpaper. But that didn’t matter at all. It was an incredible, intense orgasm. Thank you my lioness. It was a wonderful climax to our weekend. Our session was unusual in that Mrs. Lion took me to the sling at four PM instead of the customary ten PM activity time. I’m not complaining. Oh no! It felt so good to be horny and then, finally after eight days, come.

I realize that eight days isn’t very long to wait in terms of typical enforced chastity scenarios, but it felt like an eternity to me. It’s true that for the first four days I had no interest in sex at all. But my libido returned full force on the fifth. I will be interested to see how I feel the next few days. Is the loss of libido something that will repeat, or was it situational and temporary. The way I feel now, my guess is that I am back to my old, horny self. I am relieved.

We spent the long weekend alternately relaxing and working on our camper, getting it ready for our first weekend away. We work well together and even doing mundane stuff like checking tire pressure and cleaning are fun just because I am with her. I am very lucky to have found her. I’m not sure she got such a great deal in me.

I think that sometimes people forget the purpose of enforced chastity. It is, at its most basic, a power exchange that involves the male turning sexual control over to his keyholder. One way to make him feel this power exchange is to prevent him from coming until his keyholder wants to let him get off. A lot of people interpret this as making the time between orgasms longer and longer. Some even think the male should never ejaculate again. If that’s what the people involved want, then it’s fine. But it doesn’t make their brand of enforced chastity “better” than those who get more frequent orgasms.

Enforced chastity is consensual. I agreed to surrender to Mrs. Lion. She does, in fact, have my permission to make me wait as long as she wants, even if that is far in excess of anything I had ever contemplated. I would hate it, but I did agree. Her perspective is that she agreed to be my keyholder because it is something I want. She understands that I don’t want to control things, so she makes me wait longer than I want, but not so long that I lose hope. So far, she has given me an orgasm about every ten days or so. Often it is less, sometimes more. That’s very effective with me. My moods don’t really swing much due to having ejaculated. Some guys are depressed after they come. Not me. Oh no, not me. I feel fine.

When I am very horny I can be a bit cranky, Mrs. Lion calls it grumbly. But I don’t think I am ever too grumbly. If that should happen, I know I will be spanked for it. Even though we have been at this for almost a year and a half, we still have a lot to learn. Enforced chastity, at least for us, is a work in progress. I am sure that Mrs. Lion will make me wait a lot longer sometimes and, as in the past, give me orgasms after only a few days. It’s what keeps things interesting; and for me, frustrating.