When I drive home from work, I often have conversations in my mind about enforced male chastity. Ok, I need a life. But some of the stuff may be of some use. I imagine myself talking to a guy who is anxious to try enforced chastity. Here’s how it goes:

I’ve read a lot of posts by guys whose wives or girlfriends buy them a chastity device and “surprise” them with it. I’ve dropped a few hints, I wonder why my wife hasn’t done it yet?
The number one myth in enforced chastity is the one where the guy comes home from work and his wife/girlfriend presents him with a package and tells him to open it. When he does, he asks her what it is, and she tells him. She then tells him to put it on (or puts it on him) and lets him know he will be wearing it from now on. I get five or ten of these stories a month as comments to various pages. They go right into the trash. This is a story, nothing more. Virtually every caged male got that way because he asked someone to lock him up. The story usually includes “sins” the guy committed that prompted her to cage him. Well, wrong again. The last thing a pissed off partner is thinking about is locking up his penis. If you want to be locked up, you will have to ask your partner to become your keyholder.

Guys often write that once locked up, they want to do housework, wear panties, and service their keyholders endlessly.
If you didn’t want to do those things before, being locked up and horny probably won’t change anything. You don’t become a different person because your dick is in a cage.

I’ll give my keyholder any kind of sex she wants when she orders me to do it.
Damn big of you, fella! Is the reason you want to be locked up that you want her to take the sexual initiative? If so, you’re like me and many other caged males. The thing is, don’t even start to pretend you are being forced. Look at it from her perspective. She is with a guy who needs her to cage his cock and then demand he lick her in order to get sex. It can’t make her feel very good about herself to believe you need physical force to go down on her. It can’t help her self esteem, or for that matter, her opinion of you to be in that situation. Try telling her how much you want to please her and how hot it is for you to hear her let you know what you can do.

I need a chastity device that will make it impossible for me to get out and jerk off.
Really? Ok, here’s the deal. There are devices that are pretty hard to escape. They are also not terribly comfortable. You’ll see guys writing about how they need the smallest possible base ring (the ring that goes around your cock and balls) so that when the cage is on, they can’t pull out. Guess what? The smaller the base ring, the more pain you will be in. What doe those guys do? They lube the area the ring covers several times a day. It still hurts, but hurts less. If they were a bit smarter about things, they would realize that what prevents the from jerking off is their commitment to their keyholders, not the security of the device. My device fits me well. It would be difficult to pull out, but it is possible. However, I will never do that. My sexual pleasure belongs to Mrs. Lion.  Period. As a result, my  device is so comfortable, I frequently forget I am wearing. Isn’t that better?

There you go. A bit of Q and A hatched in my car on the way home from work.


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    You know what I like your Blog I never carried on reading a blog for this long before, I like it because it’s real life, talking about real thoughts and situations we are a similar age to your self and Mrs Lion we/I have played with the chastity thing for years and Mrs Jackrabbit likes the idea but in real life struggles with it so it is nice to hear things from Mrs Lions point of view and no matter how much she wants to please me she has all the worries Mrs lion has and can’t quite understand the male need to be controlled sexually, particularly as we get older, she and most women are used to the male initiating and controlling sex most women struggle taking control of the situation which is why so many men top from the bottom, she doesn’t get the pain/discomfort thing at all be it mental or physical but because Mrs Lion blogs here as well she does read the blog and I think (hope) she is beginning to understand that I’m not the only weirdo in the world and she is not the only woman who has concerns and issues with the things we want them to do for us, you do however have one big advantage over us in that we have grown up children that live close by and have a habit of just dropping in to see us and don’t call first but just walk in after all this was once there home too so to walk in and find Dad tied bent over the coffee table with Mom spanking him and teasing his cock would not be good and for that reason our games have to be played late at night behind closed doors when we’re sure they won’t call round and that in itself can cause problems as Mrs Jackrabbit works hard and is often to tired to play, I would love to have set dates for play time but that just isn’t going to happen, but in the mean time please keep up with the blog as Mrs Jackrabbit now feels a little more at ease with the situation with Mrs Lion as an allie. There is only one thing missing as far as I’m concerned and that would be a picture of both of you Mrs Lion need not show her whole self she could be fully clothed it may only be a picture of female hands playing/touching spanking you in your cage just something so we defiantly know there is a Mrs Lion because as you yourself say there are a lot of guys out there who tell very elaborate stories.

    1. Author

      That is a bit silly. I could just get a picture on the Net and post it. If you can’t tell if Mrs. Lion is real, nothing I can do will convince you.

    2. Author

      I’m pretty sure there is at least one picture of my hand in one of the posts. I believe I am inserting a dildo or butt plug into Lion.

      I’m glad Mrs.Jackrabbit feels a little more comfortable after reading our blog. Thanks for your comments.

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    You could but you wouldn’t it would be like slipping out of your cage and cheating right?

    1. Author

      I think Mrs. Lion replied directly.

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