I didn’t play with Lion last night. He was still basking in the afterglow of his orgasm the day before. Not that he wouldn’t have enjoyed anything I did to him. He just didn’t need anything urgently. Tonight is a different story. I’m working late but it’s a play night so I do have plans for him.

Actually I’m torn between using my new nubby paddle and plugging his butt. I could do both. I think it depends on how I feel later. If I have the energy I think he might get some red buns. A toasty tush. He always appreciates that. And it’s been a while.

The other night he said I could probably get the bigger Njoy plug in him. I bet I could, but it’s also been a while since he’s had a plug in there. I feel safer with the smaller one until I actually get him stretched a little more. So maybe he will get a butt plug tonight. And the rest of the week. And maybe on the weekend I can get him back in his sling for more of an anal workout. And then I bet he’ll be ready for the bigger plug. I know he’s thinking, “Yes, please!”

So tonight he will be a plugged Lion with a chance of red buns. I don’t think Mr. Weenie will be wild though. He had his fun on Sunday. He can wait another day or so to make an appearance. I’m hoping he appreciates the butt plug and spanking though. It’s nice when he tries to get hard inside the cage. Poor Mr. Weenie. Happy Lion.