Wonderful Sunday Afternoon

As you’ve read, I gave Lion a bonus orgasm yesterday. I played with him while I was manscaping and then we started snuggling. There’s just something about being close and the wonderful noises he makes when I touch him that made me want to make him come. He was bucking into my hand and then my mouth with such urgency. And I know I could have made him wait. But why? Neither of us is much into the waiting thing. I mean, there’s no reason to go nine days or twenty-seven days. It’s just a number. And I’ve always thought my real power is the fact that I can make him happy.

Before I let him come I asked him what I get for making him come. And he said that I can have anything any time, regardless of whether he comes or not. Which is not just his horniness talking. We would both do anything for the other. And that, ultimately, is why I gave him an orgasm. Plus I got to taste him. That’s my bonus.

The calendar still says November 17. It’s just not mocking him at the moment. It will in a few days when he starts to feel horny again. I’m thinking about teasing him every day till then just to make his shortened wait feel a little longer. I may have given in to his horniness yesterday but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped torturing him. Remember, it took him less than a week to get super horny this time. He still has a week to go. Plenty of time to up the intensity.