It wasn’t really a surprise when Lion chose being tied to the bed as his reward. I considered spanking him, but only for a second. I unlocked him from his cage and just the thought of being restrained got him hard. I figured if his arms and legs were locked up, his cock didn’t need to be. He couldn’t reach it to play with himself. And besides, I had plans for it.

First I teased him, tortured is probably a better word, by telling him I was going to use IcyHot. He was in no position to argue with me and would have had to endure it if I chose to use it. I didn’t. I had other ideas. I found my bag of clothes pins and clamps and set to work on him.

He doesn’t really like to have his nipples pinched. Too bad. I figure he’s done his fair share of pinching nipples that he deserves to have some of that come back to him. I don’t care that he says most of the nipples he’s pinched wanted to be pinched. Plus I really think a part of him likes it. Maybe not his nipples, but some part of him. So I found some nasty clamps and put them on. They were really nasty so I didn’t leave them on too long. I replaced them with some very light clothes pins that have flowers on them. Every man needs flowered clothes pins on his nipples from time to time.

I did try the nasty clamps on his balls but they were too much for him. They are mean. Instead I went for the plastic clothespins. They are meaner than wooden clothespins but not as bad as the clamps. I did a row of them up the center line of his scrotum. Mean old Mrs. Lion. I took a picture which I’m sure he’ll post at some point. Naturally, I took time to pay attention to his cock through all this. It was hard and happy, whether his balls were or not. I didn’t really edge him at this point.

Eventually I swapped out the plastic clothes pins for wooden ones. They are easier for him to take and I am able to put many more on him. I like making him look like a porcupine. I edged him a few times with the clothes pins on. Once I removed them all I edged him again. And then I started to wonder about his idea that he ejaculates more when he is primed. He’s been tied up for about twenty minutes. I’d pinched his nipples and balls. I’d been stroking him and edging him. It seemed like he was as primed as he was ever going to be. So I went for it. Disappointingly, there didn’t seem to be any more ejaculate than other times. It was a normal amount. Bummer. However, I fully intend to continue this experiment in the future.

When I was a top, I often heard bottoms say,

“You have so much power over me. If you only knew how much control you have. You should love that.”

I didn’t. As a caged male I sometimes forget how it felt when I was on the other side of the power exchange. Let me explain.

I said to Mrs. Lion, I would like you to own my penis and keep it locked in a chastity device. I would like to provide you with any kind of sex you want whenever you want it. I would like you to make and enforce rules for me to follow. Boy, did I give her a lot of power. Right?

Wrong! What I did is hand her a long list of things to do to make me happy. I’m adding to her already-difficult burden. Now, she not only has to do her job, take care of things around the house, hold up her side of our relationship, she has to manage me sexually, make and enforce rules, and provide the additional sexual activities necessary to make a caged male happy. Does that sound like a gift to you? It is a gift. But it isn’t me giving her a magic want. It is Mrs. Lion doing things that make me happy.

“But,” I can hear you say,

“She can have any kind of sex anytime she wants. She can make me clean and do the laundry. She can make me do anything she wants.”

If you weren’t locked up, would you refuse to give her any sex she wanted? Hell no! I love that. Would you refuse to help around the house if asked? Of course not. The point is that according to the myth, I somehow opened a new door for Mrs. Lion by asking her to have this power. It’s complete nonsense.

I’ve been reading many comments written by keyholders, sometimes including Mrs. Lion, that say everyday life is overwhelming and they feel they aren’t giving their caged males what they want. They feel like they are failing. Caged males generally reply that if their keyholders only knew how much power they had, they would be happy. After all, isn’t it a great gift to allow your partner to spend endless hours pleasing you?

In many cases, including mine, one of the main reasons to enter an enforced chastity relationship is to compensate for a perceived problem. In my case, I have always had a terrible time initiating sex. I figured that by transferring sexual control to Mrs. Lion, she would have to initiate since I had to be unlocked to do anything. But I had a less selfish reason as well. I figured that she could train me to initiate by withholding orgasms until I asked for them. I don’t think I ever told her that directly. She’ll know now. I also have a need to exercise my kinks which include giving power to my partner, spanking, discipline, etc. In the past I mentioned these but never offered a way we might include them in our daily lives.

Notice that all of this is for my benefit, not hers. She is doing me an enormous favor out of love for me. I hope she enjoys doing these things, but I am pretty sure she would be perfectly happy without all this extra work.

I think it is fair to say that we are typical. In most of the cases where enforced chastity becomes a long term activity, the keyholder develops limits and boundaries that keep the activities close to her comfort zone. Both she and her caged male need to evolve into a pattern that works for them. In rare cases, the keyholder enthusiastically embraces this power exchange.

I am very lucky to have such a wonderful and loving lioness. She works amazingly hard to make my fantasies come true. She is doing this on top of a demanding job, some health issues, and a busy schedule. I have overwhelmed her at times with way too much input. Like any other normal partner, she interprets these additional requests as an indirect way of telling her she isn’t doing a good job as my keyholder.

She is doing a great job! Every single week she refines her techniques and brings my kinks to life. As a byproduct of her efforts, our communication has improved and our sex life is returning. This isn’t happening because I am caged. It’s happening because she has taken on her role as my keyholder and is doing the significant extra work that role requires. I am the beneficiary of this work and I am grateful.

The moral of this story is for all of us caged males to remember that we didn’t give our keyholders the gift of chastity. They gave us the gift of indulging our kink. While it is fun to live in the enforced chastity fantasy, it’s more important to step outside and acknowledge the amazing amount of love and work it takes to be our keyholders.

I decided what Lion’s reward will be. Well, actually he has to decide. For our Thursday night play session, he gets to choose what I do to him. I did reserve the right to do more than he wants. For example, if he wants to be tied up, I can choose to spank him.

I thought he’d see this as topping from the bottom. I figured I’d have to twist his arm. To my surprise, he loves the idea. He asked if it included being tied up. Of course! With so many options, I told him to think about it. He’s like a kid in a candy store.

I think he’ll probably choose to be tied to the bed. He loves that. And, since he asked about it, I’m assuming it was the first thing he thought of. Maybe what he really wants is to be tied up and spanked with a certain set of implements. Awww, too bad. He gets to choose one thing he wants. The rest is up to me.

Technically he already has a means to get anything he wants. He has a love coupon that is sort of a wild card. He could present it for a night of specific Lion fun. If he wanted to he could ask to have a butt plug inserted; to be restrained face down on the bed; to be spanked first with my hand, then move up the implement chain; and finally an orgasm by the method of his choosing. Hmmm…I may have found his birthday present.

It will be interesting to see what he wants. I’m betting it won’t be the nasty Velcro wraps on his cock.


Tuesday was my scheduled orgasm. Mrs. Lion came through with amazing fun for me. I was teased, sucked, and finally ridden to orgasm. It was wonderful. Wednesday is a very mellow, satisfied day for me. My next release date is October 9, not too far off.  I am very lucky to have such a wonderful wife and keyholder. Our chastity experience has provided us with great opportunities to get closer and wake up our dormant sex life.

Before the main event, we tried to make a new clone of my penis. Some very nice work from Mrs. Lion got me to my fully erect size. She then set to work mixing the molding compound, Something wasn’t quite right. It didn’t thicken the way it did the last time. She poured it in the mold and in I went. It just didn’t harden very much. We either didn’t mix the compound long enough or when I measured the water, I used too much. We ordered some more molding compound. When it comes, we will try again. After these molding adventures, I have a new respect for male porn actors. Maintaining a full erection on demand isn’t easy. I’m glad I don’t have to be a penis model for a living.

I write my posts the day before you see them. It’s Wednesday now and I am feeling very nice with no pressure to come again. My post yesterday (Tuesday) suggested a way to help take the pressure off Mrs. Lion. Short of not talking about ideas that might work for me, we can relegate my ideas to a “wish list” which clearly says I don’t expect Mrs. Lion to jump in and do those things. When I do mention things, my intention is not to script how Mrs. Lion manages me, but rather reveal what I think might work. It feels to me that we are getting more comfortable with my enforced chastity. I hope that Mrs. Lion is more comfortable in her role. as my keyholder. Her comfort is the most important area we have for improvement.