My Experiment

It wasn’t really a surprise when Lion chose being tied to the bed as his reward. I considered spanking him, but only for a second. I unlocked him from his cage and just the thought of being restrained got him hard. I figured if his arms and legs were locked up, his cock didn’t need to be. He couldn’t reach it to play with himself. And besides, I had plans for it.

First I teased him, tortured is probably a better word, by telling him I was going to use IcyHot. He was in no position to argue with me and would have had to endure it if I chose to use it. I didn’t. I had other ideas. I found my bag of clothes pins and clamps and set to work on him.

He doesn’t really like to have his nipples pinched. Too bad. I figure he’s done his fair share of pinching nipples that he deserves to have some of that come back to him. I don’t care that he says most of the nipples he’s pinched wanted to be pinched. Plus I really think a part of him likes it. Maybe not his nipples, but some part of him. So I found some nasty clamps and put them on. They were really nasty so I didn’t leave them on too long. I replaced them with some very light clothes pins that have flowers on them. Every man needs flowered clothes pins on his nipples from time to time.

I did try the nasty clamps on his balls but they were too much for him. They are mean. Instead I went for the plastic clothespins. They are meaner than wooden clothespins but not as bad as the clamps. I did a row of them up the center line of his scrotum. Mean old Mrs. Lion. I took a picture which I’m sure he’ll post at some point. Naturally, I took time to pay attention to his cock through all this. It was hard and happy, whether his balls were or not. I didn’t really edge him at this point.

Eventually I swapped out the plastic clothes pins for wooden ones. They are easier for him to take and I am able to put many more on him. I like making him look like a porcupine. I edged him a few times with the clothes pins on. Once I removed them all I edged him again. And then I started to wonder about his idea that he ejaculates more when he is primed. He’s been tied up for about twenty minutes. I’d pinched his nipples and balls. I’d been stroking him and edging him. It seemed like he was as primed as he was ever going to be. So I went for it. Disappointingly, there didn’t seem to be any more ejaculate than other times. It was a normal amount. Bummer. However, I fully intend to continue this experiment in the future.