Hard, Soft, Satisfied

Tuesday was my scheduled orgasm. Mrs. Lion came through with amazing fun for me. I was teased, sucked, and finally ridden to orgasm. It was wonderful. Wednesday is a very mellow, satisfied day for me. My next release date is October 9, not too far off.  I am very lucky to have such a wonderful wife and keyholder. Our chastity experience has provided us with great opportunities to get closer and wake up our dormant sex life.

Before the main event, we tried to make a new clone of my penis. Some very nice work from Mrs. Lion got me to my fully erect size. She then set to work mixing the molding compound, Something wasn’t quite right. It didn’t thicken the way it did the last time. She poured it in the mold and in I went. It just didn’t harden very much. We either didn’t mix the compound long enough or when I measured the water, I used too much. We ordered some more molding compound. When it comes, we will try again. After these molding adventures, I have a new respect for male porn actors. Maintaining a full erection on demand isn’t easy. I’m glad I don’t have to be a penis model for a living.

I write my posts the day before you see them. It’s Wednesday now and I am feeling very nice with no pressure to come again. My post yesterday (Tuesday) suggested a way to help take the pressure off Mrs. Lion. Short of not talking about ideas that might work for me, we can relegate my ideas to a “wish list” which clearly says I don’t expect Mrs. Lion to jump in and do those things. When I do mention things, my intention is not to script how Mrs. Lion manages me, but rather reveal what I think might work. It feels to me that we are getting more comfortable with my enforced chastity. I hope that Mrs. Lion is more comfortable in her role. as my keyholder. Her comfort is the most important area we have for improvement.