I decided what Lion’s reward will be. Well, actually he has to decide. For our Thursday night play session, he gets to choose what I do to him. I did reserve the right to do more than he wants. For example, if he wants to be tied up, I can choose to spank him.

I thought he’d see this as topping from the bottom. I figured I’d have to twist his arm. To my surprise, he loves the idea. He asked if it included being tied up. Of course! With so many options, I told him to think about it. He’s like a kid in a candy store.

I think he’ll probably choose to be tied to the bed. He loves that. And, since he asked about it, I’m assuming it was the first thing he thought of. Maybe what he really wants is to be tied up and spanked with a certain set of implements. Awww, too bad. He gets to choose one thing he wants. The rest is up to me.

Technically he already has a means to get anything he wants. He has a love coupon that is sort of a wild card. He could present it for a night of specific Lion fun. If he wanted to he could ask to have a butt plug inserted; to be restrained face down on the bed; to be spanked first with my hand, then move up the implement chain; and finally an orgasm by the method of his choosing. Hmmm…I may have found his birthday present.

It will be interesting to see what he wants. I’m betting it won’t be the nasty Velcro wraps on his cock.