Multi-Media Play Time

(Sunday, August 3, 2014) True to her word, Mrs. Lion restrained me in the sling today and went to work. I was extremely horny and was hard as soon as she freed me from my cage. We went down to our basement dungeon and I climbed onto the sling. After she restrained my ankles and wrists, she spent a few moments playing with and sucking my penis. That was followed by anal play where she began with fingers (she got three in and moved them in and out) and then went to a butt plug.

While she had me plugged, she gave me a very thorough spanking using hands, wooden spoons, and a nasty paddle. She also applied the spoon to my balls as well. I was writhing in my restraints trying to get away. My balls stung from the wooden spoon.  She commented that my butt was quite red. It felt hot and sore! Returning to other things, Mrs. Lion got the mini Clone-a-Willie. Before putting that up my ass, she had me suck it, telling me that I was sucking myself. That has always been an ambition, but the silicone one wasn’t very tasty and didn’t feel good. I discovered that I am quite a mouthful. Does this make the Clone-a-Willie an educational toy?

From mouth to asshole; Mrs. Lion put my silicone double in my rear and pegged me a bit. She then tried to hold it in with her body while she sucked me. It kept slipping out. Naughty willie! Finally, she just removed the dildo and concentrated on oral stimulation. It didn’t take long for me to have a huge orgasm. Wow! I asked her if there was much semen. She said she wasn’t sure. It shot down her throat. Now that is good news! Before I was locked up, my ejaculations were virtually nonexistent.  I would orgasm and nothing would come out. A few minutes later, semen would come drooling out. I decided to try kegel exercises to see if the problem was my PC muscle. So, for the last six months at least once a day I do kegel exercises. I think the exercises are why I was able to shoot semen into Mrs. Lion’s throat. I also think that her multi-media playtime got me super excited. Between the better muscle strength and the amazing stimulation, I squirted like a thirty year old.

I didn’t think that I was that interested in the anal stimulation. As I lay in the sling I hoped that portion of the program wouldn’t last too long. It was uncomfortable, but obviously it was arousing as hell. Clearly, my body loves that anal action. Uncomfortable or not, I hope we do a lot more. Mrs. Lion put together a program that brought me to a new height of arousal. I stayed hard for ten minutes after my orgasm. This was truly a Sunday afternoon to remember.

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    Sounds like a great sex Sunday!!

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