My intention was to peg Lion while I gave him an orgasm. I wanted to make him feel like he was screwing himself. Unfortunately, I love giving him blow jobs. I know I sound like a broken record, but it’s true. I tried to hold his mini weenie in while I sucked him. It kept sliding out. So I jettisoned it and went for the orgasm.

Lion seems pleased with the way the afternoon played out. Actually, he had trouble with the first butt plug so I wasn’t sure he’d be able to take his clone. I was a little lost at that point. My whole game plan consisted of pegging him.

A long time ago, Lion told me there can only be one source of pain during play. In other words, if I have clothes pins on his balls I should not spank him. The body can not process multiple pains at the same time. It didn’t seem right to me. I routinely have pains in multiple body parts and, unfortunately, my body feels each pain. Maybe he meant pleasurable pain. At any rate, for some reason I decided to spank him while the butt plug was in. He liked it. Well, maybe he didn’t like it like it. Mr. weenie liked it. So I kept doing it. And I swatted his balls. He was struggling against his restraints. I told him he was cute thinking he could get away from me.

One thing Lion wanted me to work on was to continue spanking or swatting him after he said it hurt. I’ve been trying to do that. Today he may have regretted asking for that. I may have let up a little bit but I went right back at his buns and balls.

I did notice something today. Maybe it was the position, maybe he was just super excited, but Lion seemed longer today than I remember him ever being. I could not get all of him in my mouth. I told him he was lucky that his clone wasn’t based on the penis from today. And I loved every inch of it.

I haven’t decided if I’ll choose a wait time for him or not. I like being able to take an orgasm whenever I want one. Maybe I’ll try the “you can wait one more day” tactic this time. But we know it’s me who has trouble waiting.