At Six Months

(Saturday, August 2 2o14) It’s six months since I gave the key to Mrs. Lion. We have both accepted forced male chastity into our lives. I don’t find it remarkable that I no longer have access to my penis. It feels like I have been this way forever. Well, no not really. But some things have changed. I find that I don’t get as many chubbies in my cage. It’s as though my body recognizes the futility of an erection while caged. So far I am very responsive when Mrs. Lion unlocks me. I don’t have a problem getting hard then. I still think about sex. So my libido is intact. But somehow things are different for me.

I haven’t become a tame, domestic lion. I don’t feel an increased desire to do housework. I don’t want to wear panties.  What has changed is the amount of conscious attention I pay to Mrs. Lion and her needs. I am much more sensitive to her. I am also much more aware of sex, not fantasies, but the reality. I know that my opportunities to come are limited and not under my control. This is completely new. I think that over the last six months things have gone from me calling the shots and deciding when I should come to Mrs. Lion taking control. Fortunately she is charitable so my waits are reasonably short. But she has changed too. She knows what I want and has decided to give it to me.

Now, I only get unlocked when she wants to tease me. I always shower in my cage and she doesn’t unlock me for anal training. I am only out of my cage when she has need of my penis. Even if this need is fairly frequent, I get the message: my penis is now her toy and it stays safely locked away until she wants to play with it. I find that very exciting. Tomorrow is orgasm day for me. Maybe tonight is anal training time. I don’t know. She no longer feels the need to discuss these matters with me. That’s a turn on too.

It’s getting easier for me too. I am comfortable in my cage and don’t think about being freed. I had imagined I would get tired of it and the inconveniences that come with being locked up. I haven’t. I’ve just found ways to adapt to the reality that I am always locked up.

Being locked in  a chastity device was something I wanted to try for some time. When I finally decided to ask Mrs. Lion to do it for more than a few days, I had no real idea how things would play out. If you go back and read some of our posts from February, you will see that things were a lot different. My writing was more theoretical. Mrs. Lion was far from convinced she wanted to do this. I think we both had no real idea how locking up my cock would affect us. It’s fun for me to read those early posts to see how much things have changed.

I don’t think the changes are finished. The next months will probably bring more surprises to both of us. I did ask Mrs. Lion if she was happy we were doing this. She said she is. Our chastity experience is a turning point for us. It has opened up  new channels of communication and has forced us to be far more sexually active. Is cage therapy a new way to restore sexual excitement in a marriage? I’ve been wondering that. Perhaps it might be. I also think that this blog contributes a great deal to our changes. Sharing with you and with each other via the written word has had a strong impact as well.

My motive for asking Mrs. Lion to lock me up was sexual. I found (and still find) the idea of giving up sexual control very exciting. But there is so much more to it now. At this point in time I don’t think either of us would agree to give up forced male chastity. It is a powerful force for good in our lives. I suspect when we get to March 2016 when we agreed we could stop, we will be far beyond considering ending this to be a realistic possibility.



  1. Author

    I have just entered into an agreement with my wife to try male chastity. She was very hesitant at first, but we are very educated people and we did our research. She is now onboard.

    We actually had an open and honest conversation for the first time in years. We agreed most change takes at least a year. We actually signed a contract not to stop for a minimum of one year.

    We only purchased a cheap device for the immediate start, but quickly found that we needed a better device. I cannot sleep in mine. Night erections were extremely painful because of pinching. The new CB-6000 kit comes in 2 days. She is keeping me in the cheap unit during the day and I get out at bed time right now.

    In the one article we read, the guy was hand-cuffed or his hands tied whenever his device was taken off so he could never touch his own cock again. Is this common?

    We are both learning. Thank you for this website. It was helpful.

    1. Author

      There is no standard there. Mrs. Lion doesn’t restrain me when I am wild. If your (or your wife’s) fantasy is to be restrained while unlocked, then go for it. I’m very glad you like our site. Thanks for reading!

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