Emergency Keys

emergency key
Every caged male should have an emergency key he can access in case of sudden need to get out.

(Friday, August 1 2014) Yesterday I learned that my next orgasm is scheduled for Sunday. Mrs. Lion also informed me that that this date could change. That’s fair, judge Mrs. Lion always has the option to move or cancel a planned orgasm date. She also informed me that we would be continuing my anal training this weekend as well. It sounds like a busy lion weekend is about to start.

I was thinking about how the chastity fantasy can end up creating some real world problems. The most serious issue, I think, is the ability to remove the device in an emergency. The common fantasy is that the device stays on no matter what (inescapable) and that the only key is in the possession of the keyholder. Some males practice long distance forced chastity and the only key can be thousands of miles away. There are any number of situations that can require removal of the device. They range from medical emergencies to social and professional needs. The point is that all too many males are so focused on the inescapable device that they fail to consider the risk they take by having the key out of reach.

A chastity device is a form of bondage. A part of the male’s body is locked up to prevent access. In the BDSM world, one of the key safety rules is to never leave a person in restraints alone. Anytime you take the ability to act away from someone, supervision is required. In the case of forced chastity, constant supervision isn’t possible or really necessary. Once a device is properly fitted and doesn’t pose a health or comfort issue, the wearer doesn’t need the keyholder in constant attendance. However, since a reason can come up that requires immediate removal, the male must have access to a key.

Give the caged male a key? Why bother locking him up? Ok, let’s think about this a bit. First of all, there are few, if any chastity devices that absolutely prevent the male from an orgasm. Even devices that don’t permit pull out still would allow a powerful vibrator to stimulate the penis. Contrary to popular opinion, a male can orgasm and ejaculate without an erection. What use is the device, then? Simply, it makes it much more difficult for the caged male to get off. Certainly, even if he pulls out, if the device is still hanging from his balls, it is unlikely anyone will have sex with him. So it is helpful. The main point is that the device is a deterrent, not an absolute preventative.

The biggest deterrent is that the keyholder discovers that the caged male cheated. So, a device that might allow pull out, may be impossible to put back on without unlocking it. Discovery by the keyholder will certainly earn serious punishment, even ending the entire chastity experience. Cheating, even if never discovered, will ruin forced chastity for the male. He will know it isn’t real anymore.

I think that every caged male must have an emergency key. In our case, my key is in a small pill container that is on my key ring. We use tamper-resistant labels to “seal” the container. To get in, I must cut or remove the label. The labels are numbered (the number is on the bottom of the right column of the blog) so I can’t remove the label and just put another one on to fool Mrs. Lion. I can’t get to that key without Mrs. Lion finding out. There is no way I will unlock my device unless it is absolutely necessary. Hell hath no fury like a pissed off lioness.

A good analogy for this arrangement is a low security prison. There are no bars and nothing prevents the inmates from walking away. However, if an inmate does walk away, if caught will be sent to a much more unpleasant high security prison. Very few inmates walk away. The same is true of us caged males. We are locked into chastity devices because we wanted to be. There are times we might regret the decision and want to get off without permission. Even if I am tree-humping horny, I for one, will not try to escape or find a way to get off in my cage. I asked to be locked up and I agreed to remain this way until March 2016. Even then, I am pretty sure I will remain locked. There are guys who want to defeat devices. That is what they like to do. By and large they don’t have keyholders. If you are in this group, even though you want absolute security, you still need that key to be accessible. There are no exceptions to this rule.


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    at times I have had the key (x-ray and ultra sound tests) and a week or so after we noticedo a little edema..most usually now, the key is in a junk drawer in Miss K’s kitchen .. ( just noticed now the irony of its location.. lol )
    During the week that key is indeed 200 km away..
    My emergency key is a dremmel tool

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