The Punishment Quandry

Punishment paddle
This is the rosewood punishment paddle with a patch of very scratchy sandpaper glued on one side.

Last night Lion was still upset that he hadn’t received punishment for being surly. He had explained to me that his surliness had more to do with being tired than sexual frustration so I was willing to let it go. Apparently he could not. So I got out the punishment paddle. It’s not exactly a punishment paddle. Any paddle can be used for pain or pleasure. We do have a dedicated punishment paddle in the kitchen that we’ve never used for pleasure. But I digress.

We have two rosewood paddles. One has a rounded head and the other is more oar shaped. Both are nasty, nasty paddles. On one side of the oar shaped paddle I affixed some non-skid tape. Think of it as sandpaper for the tush. It makes the nasty paddle just plain mean. I generally use it once Lion’s buns are pink and usually I don’t hit very hard with it. I swat him with both sides and then I run the scratchy side across his cheeks to heighten his discomfort. It was this side of the paddle that I used for his punishment swats.

A few nights ago he told me I didn’t have to limit his punishment to one swat per offense. Duh! I had been giving him one swat for each ice cube/food item he dropped, but that was more so I’d remember how many things he’d dropped. I wasn’t necessarily trying to spare him. Last night I figured if he wanted punishment for something I was willing to let go, he deserved more swats than I would normally give him. I decided on four. Two for each cheek. Hard. With the mean paddle.

I did not restrain him because he loves to be restrained. I was not trying to reward him. The first two swats were met with the anticipated reaction. On the third swat he moved away from me and rolled over. I asked him where he was going and he told me it hurt. Duh, again! I said it was supposed to hurt and that he had more to come. After the last swat I told him he could roll over. A few hours later I informed him the next time he moves during punishment swats he will get more swats. It seemed reasonable to me. He shouldn’t know how many swats are coming and he shouldn’t move until I tell him he’s done. He said in the future I should restrain him even if it is just sitting on him so he can’t move.

I have issues with this logic. As I said, he likes to be restrained. More than that, his needing to move because it hurts is not my problem. He created the need for the punishment in the first place. If I wanted him restrained, I would have restrained him. I think not moving is part of the punishment. Is it difficult to stay still when you know what’s coming? It sure is. Too bad! Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. But I know the next time he needs to be punished with swats I will be wondering if I should really restrain him. He has put doubt in my mind. Does that deserve punishment?


  1. Author

    I can’t hold still with the harsh paddle. I need some kind of restraint to keep me still. Bondage for this reason is NOT fun for me.

  2. Author

    I will make that part of your training. Ultimately you need to restrain yourself during punishment.

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