On Friday night Mrs. Lion announced that since I wasn’t wearing my cage — it’s off until a bruise on my penis heals — I needed something to keep my hands away from my “weenie”. She said I would have to wear diapers yesterday. I hate that. I asked if there was something else I could do? After a moment’s thought she said that I would wear frilly panties. So, first thing yesterday morning, she went to my drawer picked the green pair, I have two, and told me to put them on.

She pointed out that I asked for this. After all, I suggested it in January 2015. I had ordered the two pairs from manties.net and as soon as they arrived and I got a good look at them, I had second thoughts and hid them before Mrs. Lion could see them. But she did as she wrote in a post. She has a good memory and 2.0 mentioned them along with diapers a couple of weeks ago. One of 2.0’s resolutions was to go back through my old posts and list all the “suggestions” I made about things she could do to me. Then, she said, she would do each and every one of them. After all, she said, I asked for them. Right? Yes, I did.

If that’s not bad enough, she also decided that she would do all those things I want so badly (her words, not mine!) her way. So far in these first weeks of 2.0, that has mean she will do them all out; no testing, just go for the gold. So far the “gold” had been my buns and genitals. It’s been less gold and more red.

I’m not complaining. I did, sometimes wishing I could take things back that I requested. The panties are an excellent case in point. Once they arrived and I got a look at them, I realized that wearing them would not be fun and certainly not arousing. So, they went in my drawer with no comment. Now that I’ve had to wear them all day and evening yesterday, I can confirm that I am not turned on wearing them or looking at me in them. Hell no! They aren’t uncomfortable at least. However, when we were shopping in a warehouse store yesterday, I needed to pee and adjust my pants. The men’s room was far from empty. I stood at a urinal and peed. Then I had to adjust my pants which required me to drop them, adjust the panties, then pull them up and buckle. There I was, exposing my lacy butt to the world; at least for a few seconds. That did not please me at all.

In retrospect, should I have gone with the diaper? It’s close, but no. I think I hate sitting in a wet diaper slightly more than running around in panties. At lest the panties are dry and clean. Lioness 2.0 is getting good at making me choose one of two unpleasant options. She also just tells me what to do without offering any choice. The atmosphere here has changed.

Keyholders need TLC. Tops have needs too.

(Wednesday, May 14 2014) Most of what you read about forced male chastity is about how to deal with a caged male. Most of it is written by caged males, including me. If you go by what you read, the keyholder has the best job in the world; she gets anything she wants any time she wants. I remember when I was a top, I would ask self-proclaimed submissive women what they give back to their tops in exchange for the effort it takes to top them. Almost every new bottom answered, “The gift of my submission.” Some gift!

Topping is work. A successful keyholder, even in a rather vanilla relationship, has to put in substantial effort to support her caged male. She has to decide what he must do, how long to keep him locked, discipline, teasing, ruined orgasms, and other entertainments for him. The problem is that many caged males refuse to understand the reality of their caged male/keyholder relationships. The fantasy is that the caged male is a sexual captive who can only orgasm or even get erect at the whim of his keyholder. She, on the other hand, can demand endless sexual gratification at any time from him. He also may be required to perform domestic and personal tasks for his keyholder. In that context it does sound like the keyholder has all the goodies and the caged male is Cinderella hoping for some sexual scraps. That’s the fantasy. One reason many keyholders soon lose interest in forced male chastity is that the reality is very different. Let’s look at it from the keyholder’s perspective.

One day her partner tells her that he has been dreaming of forced male chastity. She agrees to lock him up because it is clearly something he wants badly. The early days are filled with mutual discoveries. Both keyholder and caged male enjoy this new game. She enjoys being pleasured at will. She probably also likes that her male is now paying much more attention to her. This chastity honeymoon goes on for a while. She learns about rules and discipline, toys, pegging, and other topping activities. Most keyholders don’t even realize that they are, in fact, topping.

The honeymoon ends when the keyholder realizes that even though her caged male is at her beck and call, she only gets sex when she demands it and lets him know exactly what she wants. She wakes up to the fact that she is spending considerable time and energy keeping him entertained with rules, punishments, and whatever else they do. In short, she discovers that topping is work. This is when WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) cuts in. She realizes that everything is coming from her. The caged male receives her attention, but she only gets what she demands in the context of topping.

In the BDSM world, this is known as “top drop”. The top feels let down. This is made worse by her own values changing. She learned it isn’t nice to hurt others or frustrate them. Now, her main purpose is to do that to her love; her caged male. This takes an emotional toll. Gone are the soft moments when he shared love and affection. They are replaced by her being a demanding bitch. Why is she doing this? What is she getting out of it? The standard male answer is “everything.” To many women it feels just the opposite. Her male has gone from lover to elaborate vibrator, providing orgasms on demand. This may sound extreme. I used this language intentionally. The key is that there is a growing imbalance between the keyholder and her male.

A friend of mine once described this problem very simply: The bottom gets “done” – receives sensation and emotional gratification from the top. The top “does” – performs the work needed to “do” the bottom. Even if the top likes doing, she is still working and giving while the bottom just has to receive. If the keyholder / caged male relationship is to survive, something must happen to restore balance.

First of all, the chores and sex on demand must be discounted. They are being performed because it fits the caged male’s bottom role. The keyholder has to do something in order to get those “benefits”. The caged male can not live in the forced chastity fantasy 24/7. If he does, his poor keyholder will almost certainly burn out. The male must go out of his forced chastity role and provide for the well being of his keyholder. What does this involve?

First thing, after the keyholder disciplines, pegs, or otherwise entertains her male, he should recognize that this effort took a physical and emotional toll. When the session is done, he should hold, kiss, and thank his keyholder for the effort she put in to support him. Not part of the fantasy? Too bad. If you want to do this long term, you better get used to supporting your keyholder. She needs to know that you appreciate what she is doing and that it is ok that she teases and frustrates you. You may hate breaking the mood, but for her well being, she needs to hear that she is doing something you want and like.

Another critical step is to take very regular vacations from forced chastity. During these chastity vacations, the male is uncaged and not subject to the rules or orders of his keyholder. She goes back to being his partner and lover. Go on a date. Eat out, watch a movie, make out, and make love. This time tihe man makes the moves. She gets to feel loved without the chastity overlay. Some couples reserve a weekend a month, others a day each weekend. You both have to decide and agree on how you will work this.

Keyholders, if your partner reads this and decides that he can’t possibly get out of chastity mode, then you should seriously consider if you want to continue locking him up. Top drop can turn into depression and feelings of failure. Just like I need to hear that I am a good boy, lioness needs to know how much I appreciate her hard work to cage me and support forced chastity. She needs to know that I want to have sex with her. I love it when she tells me what she wants, but even if she never tells me, I still want her. Chastity is something we do. It isn’t who we are.

(Monday, May 12 2014) Time for another look into our mailbag.

Dear Journal,

I’ve been reading about male chastity for a long time. It’s hot to think about. I’ve been married five years and my wife and I are very normal. We haven’t done anything kinky. I don’t know what she will think if I ask her to lock me up and take charge of my sex life. I want this so much!

Needs to be caged

Dear Needs,

Almost all of us had exactly the same concern. I spent months thinking about being locked up before I finally got up the nerve to have the chastity talk. During that time I read all I could find that was written by real couples who successfully got into forced male chastity. Most of what I found, particularly on the forums for chastity, were single males writing completely unrealistic fantasies. This lack of real information is why I decided to share here.

There is no simple answer to your question. My approach was to simplify what I was asking. In the first conversation you just have to explain what it is you want; in this case, to have your penis locked up and have her hold the key. The inevitable question from her will be, “Why?” The answer to this can be kept simple. Something like, “Because I want you to decide when I get sexual release, and I want you to know that I can’t masturbate or even get an erection without your permission.”

Undoubtedly there will be many more questions. Many women will ask for time to think about it. That’s a good sign. You’ve waited this long, you can wait a bit longer. I suggest you show her this site. Ask her to read the section for prospective keyholders: How To Cage Your Man. This should answer many of her questions.

If you are lucky, she will agree to try locking you up. Shop for a chastity device with her. When you get it, put it on and give her the key. Now the hard part. You will be tempted to come up with all sorts of ideas on what she should do now that you are caged. Resist them. She has done her reading. Just stay quietly in your cage and let her decide what’s next.

Dear Journal,

I’ve been caged for a few weeks now. My wife seems to enjoy controlling my sex life. She has unlocked me and given me an orgasm at least twice a week. I know I should be grateful for this, but one reason I wanted to be locked up was to make a dream come true; not being allowed to come for at least a year. I told her about this several times, but she wouldn’t agree to such a long term lockup. What can I do?

Don’t make me come again

Don’t make me come,

Many men fantasize about long term chastity. Very few actually do it. When you gave your wife the keys to your cage, you surrendered control of your sexuality. As Mrs. Lion has graphically shown me, this can be long term teasing and ruined orgasms or being made to come every day. The point is that she is the boss. In a sense, your wish to not come for a long time is an expression of you wanting to control how she tops you.

You may want to ask yourself whether you wanted to be locked up at all? Did you want her in charge of your sexuality, or did you want her to  help you give up sex for a year? Maybe you asked for the wrong thing.

For more than fifteen years I have explored the idea of enforced male chastity. My exploration started on the Web in the mid 90’s. My first discovery was altairboy’s site. At the time it was filled with how-to guides for homemade male chastity devices, fictional accounts of enforced chastity scenarios, and posts by people who spent their time devising ways to escape from various devices. Still, the idea of Mrs. Lion controlling my favorite toy was a very arousing idea. How odd is that? Giving someone the ability to prevent me from enjoying sex is exciting.

You’re probably thinking that this is too weird. No you aren’t. If you are a man, you feel a little stirring where that cage might end up. Let’s face it, many of us really love the idea of a woman taking over our cocks. I liked the idea a lot. At the time I was years from meeting my lioness. The relationship I was in had no chance of incorporating this kink. Instead, I decided to learn more and write about it. That was the beginning of my adventure. Over the last fifteen years I’ve had the opportunity to test and review many chastity devices as well as a range of sex toys. The website has become a popular source of useful sexual information. Over the years I tried tubes, belts, cages, and all manner of devices designed to prevent erection and ejaculation. Most were horribly uncomfortable. Some were even dangerous. I suffered a bruised and cut penis after some of these trials.

Life has a way of intruding and so for almost a decade my interest in male chastity lay dormant. In December of 2013 I discovered that a new range of male chastity cages were being offered on, of all places, amazon.com. Some looked interesting. Most were priced under $75. So, in the interest of “science” I ordered three: a plastic tube, a cage with a urethra plug, and another similar-but-smaller cage.  When they arrived, I tried them out in secret. The smallest cage seemed to fit, but the urethral plug worried me that it might not be a good idea for long term lockup.

Right after New Year I approached Mrs. Lion about the idea of locking me up. She said, “If you want.” Did I! So, I put on the shortest cage and gave her the keys. She looked bemused, smiled and took the keys from me. If you want to see this cage in use (on me), this link (explicit image of my penis) will show you both the measurement and how it looks in use.