Locked At Last

For more than fifteen years I have explored the idea of enforced male chastity. My exploration started on the Web in the mid 90’s. My first discovery was altairboy’s site. At the time it was filled with how-to guides for homemade male chastity devices, fictional accounts of enforced chastity scenarios, and posts by people who spent their time devising ways to escape from various devices. Still, the idea of Mrs. Lion controlling my favorite toy was a very arousing idea. How odd is that? Giving someone the ability to prevent me from enjoying sex is exciting.

You’re probably thinking that this is too weird. No you aren’t. If you are a man, you feel a little stirring where that cage might end up. Let’s face it, many of us really love the idea of a woman taking over our cocks. I liked the idea a lot. At the time I was years from meeting my lioness. The relationship I was in had no chance of incorporating this kink. Instead, I decided to learn more and write about it. That was the beginning of my adventure. Over the last fifteen years I’ve had the opportunity to test and review many chastity devices as well as a range of sex toys. The website has become a popular source of useful sexual information. Over the years I tried tubes, belts, cages, and all manner of devices designed to prevent erection and ejaculation. Most were horribly uncomfortable. Some were even dangerous. I suffered a bruised and cut penis after some of these trials.

Life has a way of intruding and so for almost a decade my interest in male chastity lay dormant. In December of 2013 I discovered that a new range of male chastity cages were being offered on, of all places, amazon.com. Some looked interesting. Most were priced under $75. So, in the interest of “science” I ordered three: a plastic tube, a cage with a urethra plug, and another similar-but-smaller cage.  When they arrived, I tried them out in secret. The smallest cage seemed to fit, but the urethral plug worried me that it might not be a good idea for long term lockup.

Right after New Year I approached Mrs. Lion about the idea of locking me up. She said, “If you want.” Did I! So, I put on the shortest cage and gave her the keys. She looked bemused, smiled and took the keys from me. If you want to see this cage in use (on me), this link (explicit image of my penis) will show you both the measurement and how it looks in use.