Weekends don’t feel very special to me anymore. I’m at home all week, so being there on Saturday and Sunday is just more of the same. Since COVID, we don’t go out much. It’s too dangerous to eat out even if the restaurants were open for dine-in eating. The local casino is open and we enjoyed occasionally visiting it. We don’t think it is too smart to go there either.

Mrs. Lion only goes to her office two days a week. The rest of the time she works from home. Her routine doesn’t vary regardless of the day of the week. We might go to the grocery store on a weekend day, but other than that we are in the house and Mrs. Lion is either on her computer or iPad. Sexual activity takes place after dinner when we have it. There is nothing we do that distinguishes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday from Saturday and Sunday. That’s too bad.

With more and more people either out of work or working from home, I imagine they are in a similar situation. I don’t mind being at home. I do wish we could somehow find ways to differentiate one day from another. As you probably know, I am required to remind Mrs. Lion of “punishment days”. These are throwbacks to the very beginning of our disciplinary relationship.

When we first started, Mrs. Lion quickly became adept at spotting infractions of her rules. She was very reluctant to spank me and more often than not offenses went unpunished. We got the idea that perhaps if we set aside certain days of the week to administer punishments, it would be easier for Mrs. Lion to collect my offenses and spank me on those days. Initially she set aside Mondays and Thursdays. I was required to remind her each Monday or Thursday that it was punishment day.

After a while, Mrs. Lion didn’t need designated days to spank me. She spanked me whenever one was due. Reminding her of punishment days became an opportunity for me to screw up and earn a spanking. In fact, when I got very good at reminding her about Mondays and Thursdays, she added Saturdays as well. I still managed to forget to remind her. Each time I forget, she spanks me.

Nothing special happens on punishment days anymore. Nothing special happens on any day. That’s too bad. I don’t know exactly what we should do about this. It seems to me that if we could find a way to make a day or two special each week, it would break up the monotony. I’m not claiming that my life is boring. It isn’t. Between writing and playing, I am very active sexually. Sex isn’t everything, of course.

For the last week or so I haven’t been able to do anything sexual. That leaves us watching TV and playing with iPads. Even if my penis wasn’t out of commission, Mrs. Lion has drastically increased the amount of time between orgasms. That doesn’t mean we aren’t active almost every night, but it means that a certain sense of urgency is missing most of the time.

Maybe we need to bring back the Box O’Fun. We seem to be getting in a sexual rut. Maybe we can find things we can do outside of the house to break up our time. We have to be careful about that. Both of us are in vulnerable groups in terms of COVID-19. Perhaps we should decide to have game nights. Mrs. Lion likes games a lot more than I do, but we could still find things to do.

This is something I think we need to talk about. We need to get out of our rut before the long winter nights take hold. It would be good to find some interesting things to do.

lion wearing chastity device

Male chastity is part of our lives. I think that’s what makes writing a blog on this topic so difficult. It’s why so many come and go within a year or two of starting. If you’re new to this, I’m sure the idea of having your penis locked in a cage and being forced to wait for your next ejaculation is really exciting. Okay, it’s still exciting for me too. The problem for a blogger is that there is a very limited amount of stuff you can write about male chastity. One of my favorite topics is reviewing new hardware. Not that much new stuff comes along. If you look at some of the Chinese websites like dhgate.com, you won’t see anything surprising.

There may well be some amazing-but-undiscovered devices lurking in some dark corner of the web. Until they come into visual range of one of us, they are likely to remain lost. I’m a little surprised that people who design and make these devices don’t research the available outlets where people interested in male chastity go to read. Almost every chastity device manufacturer that I’ve come across, seems relatively uninterested in what their customers are thinking. They seem to be focused on making their products instead of finding and wooing customers. These companies are generally very small businesses, usually just a couple, and they seem to be unaware of their potential customers.

There are two chastity forums that I know of: chastityforums.com and chastitymansion.com. Both sites offer opportunities to present and discuss new products. Sites like ours, provide an opportunity for reviews and discussion. It’s pretty easy to find us. Yet, even established manufacturers don’t seem to see the value of staying in touch with their customers.

1-inch long jail bird
Wearing her chastity device is a constant reminder that I am hers.

This is understandable given that most of these “companies” consist of one or two people. Generally speaking, one, usually the female partner, maintains correspondence with prospective and established customers. In some cases, she also does the design of 3D-printed devices. The other partner handles manufacturing. Manufacturing male chastity devices is either a second job or a full-time activity that doesn’t leave room for promotion.

It’s true that this is a very small market. Potential customers can be numbered in the thousands, not millions. Still, some people like the manufacturer of the CB 6000, do promote and have been rewarded by substantial business. I’m surprised that other device makers haven’t taken notice of this success.

lion's spanked ass
Less permanent but still memorable ways she marks me.

I do my best to root out new devices and if I find one that seems interesting, I contact the manufacturer to find out more. I might even get one to review. Generally speaking, it’s a very good thing to be reviewed by a chastity website. A lot of eyes see my posts. I’m particularly fond of trying and reviewing new devices. I always loved new things. It also gives us a fresh reason to focus on locking me up. It’s been a long time. This isn’t due to Mrs. Lion losing interest; at least not entirely. It’s also due to the fact that after my spinal surgery, I’ve been less than steady on my feet. She feels that the additional challenge of trying to hit the bowl would be too much for me. My balance has improved and maybe this time to add additional control.

I have mixed feelings about this. I enjoy not wearing a cage. It doesn’t mean I have any sexual freedom. I’ve never even been tempted to cheat. It’s more comfortable to be wild. On the other hand it’s exciting to be locked up. I wish Mrs. Lion wasn’t neutral about whether or not I am caged. I suppose that if it were up to me, I’d stay wild. If my lioness wants to make sure I am more aware of her control, the lock should snap shut on a cage.

I really like the idea of something reminding me continuously of her control. It doesn’t have to be a chastity device. It could be something else I wear or could be something more permanent like a piercing or tattoo. I like being marked as hers. This is one thing that I can’t suggest. It’s up to her.

In other news, by the time Mrs. Lion and I got finished cleaning up after Christmas dinner we went to bed. Mrs. Lion commented that she was way too full to go down on me. Instead, she used her hand. I didn’t respond very quickly. She commented that I must be getting spoiled by all the oral attention. I agreed and said that I hoped it would continue. Meanwhile, Mrs. Lion’s hand stayed busily at work on my cock. It did its usual magic and I got very hard and excited.After a while, I reached that plateau I hate so much.

After a while, I told Mrs. Lion that I wasn’t going to be able to go much further, so she stopped. So much for Christmas sex. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Today is Boxing Day. I expect tonight will be lion stuffing night. It’s been a few days since we’ve done anything anal. I know Mrs. Lion is committed to continuing our regular basis.I’m sure you must be getting tired of hearing these rear-end reports.

On the other side of the lion, the last opportunity to orgasm was six days ago (as of December 26). There isn’t a lot to report other than near-daily teasing. I am understandably horny. I’m sure that comes as a great surprise to you. I’m still waiting for my Evotion chastity device. I was informed that there was a bit of a manufacturing problem at the 3D printer so the device had to be rebuilt. Mrs. Lion hasn’t shown any interest in locking me up again. I imagine she is waiting for the new device to arrive.

Knowing her, she hasn’t made any decisions regarding when my next orgasm will occur. There is a reasonably good chance I’ve already had the last one for 2019. I’ve been tracking my sexual activity since January 2016. Once the new year arrives, I’ll publish a status report on that ever-important subject: my sexual activity. I know you can’t wait.

I’m hoping for a sunny weekend. So far, the temperature is in the high seventies. I’m afraid to look at a forecast. Our deck may be finished by today. I don’t want to jinx it, and the workers will have to speed up considerably, but my fingers are crossed. Aside from a run to Costco for the dog’s medicine, I have no idea what the weekend has in store for us.

Lion has a new toy to review. It’s a prostate massager. We could try it out. It’s been a long time since he’s had anything up his ass. I’m not promising anything. It’s just a possibility. I know he’ll be unlocked and played with at least twice. He’ll probably be spanked. It might not be because he’s committed any infraction. It could be a “just because” spanking.

Lion has a theory that I’m finally starting to enjoy myself ruling over him. I’m trying to keep an open mind. I don’t think I’m enjoying it. I do like catching him when he breaks a rule. And I like turning him on and edging him. I may be getting used to it more but I don’t think I like punishing him. When he first mentioned that I seem to be getting into it more, I told him maybe I’m just more playful. Maybe I can step into the role better at times. Maybe it used to bother me more to punish him and it doesn’t bother me as much now. I don’t know what it is, but if we stopped tomorrow, it wouldn’t be something I’d miss.

A long time ago, Lion said he’d be fine if we didn’t play anymore. We stopped, but it wasn’t long before it was obvious he wasn’t fine. From time to time he’ll make the same statement. He may think he means it, but I know better. He likes to play. He needs to play. I don’t have that same affliction. Nope. I think I’ve just reached a point that I realize I’m not really hurting Lion and the subsequent relief of knowing that may come across as enjoyment. He really wants me to do these things to him. I’ve known for a long time I had his permission. I guess I just didn’t want to believe it. Maybe all the recent spanking with bruised and bloody cheeks convinced me. Even though I’m hurting him I’m not doing the lasting damage I was afraid of. He’s not mad at me. He’s not going to get mad at me.

I don’t know how to explain it, but it doesn’t seem to me to be real enjoyment. At least, it’s not the same enjoyment I get from snuggling with him.

erect spanking
Lion obviously doesn’t exactly hate being spanked. He often has a nice erection when I get started. It’s true that it doesn’t last very long. Oh well.

Lion showed me an email this morning in which the writer thanked us for our blog, told us a little about herself, and said I should teach a spanking course. When I got to the very end, I laughed. Lion wondered why I was laughing. Me? Teach a spanking course? No one wants that; least of all, me. I don’t do well with public speaking. And I am, by no means, any sort of expert on spanking.

[Lion — Mrs. Lion is far too modest. She is an excellent spanker as well as an excellent disciplining wife. She really should teach a workshop.]

A little while later, Lion said he was curious how I know when to end punishment. He also wondered how I’d progressed to the point that I can administer such harsh spankings. I don’t really know how I know punishment is over. The best I can say is that I go until I think I’ve done enough and then I continue a little more. The reason for continuing is that a long time ago, Lion told me I wasn’t going far enough. Now I go farther than I think I need to. And, of course, now he tells me I can go farther. I don’t think it will ever be far enough to satisfy him.

The second question is a little easier to answer. As you’ve no doubt read, my beginning spankings quite literally wouldn’t have hurt a fly. I don’t think Lion even registered them hitting. They were absolutely pathetic. Every time, Lion told me I couldn’t hurt him and that I could hit him harder. Every time, I would hit a little harder. At some point I realized I really couldn’t hurt him. I mean, I was hurting him. But I wasn’t injuring him. Eventually I made it to some serious spanking.

I’m not really a fan of punishment spanking. Despite the comment we had the other day, I am not a sadist. I do not rule my workplace with an iron fist. I’m not the boss and, even if I was, I couldn’t rule with an iron fist if I wanted to keep my job for very long. The way I look at it is that Lioness whatever.0 is role playing. There’s me and then there’s Mrs. Lion. When Lion asks me a question and I answer as me, he’ll get one answer. If I answer as Mrs. Lion, he’ll get an answer much closer to what he’s looking for.

For example, if he asks if I enjoy punishing him, he’ll get this answer from me: It’s ok. If you broke a rule, you should get punished. However, Mrs. Lion might say: Are you kidding? I love making your cheeks red. The redder the better. I have to teach you a lesson.

The trick is to answer the way Lion wants me to answer. And sometimes I have to ask which persona he’s looking for because he tends to get upset if I answer as me and he was looking for Mrs. Lion.

In answer to the email we got this morning, I applaud you for jumping in with both feet. It does take time to build up to harsh punishment spankings. I don’t think anybody should tell you to just throw caution to the wind and whack away. You have to get there at your own pace. If I had gone too fast, I think I would have done more emotional damage to myself than any physical damage I would have done to Lion’s butt. You’ll get there.