Weekends don’t feel very special to me anymore. I’m at home all week, so being there on Saturday and Sunday is just more of the same. Since COVID, we don’t go out much. It’s too dangerous to eat out even if the restaurants were open for dine-in eating. The local casino is open and we enjoyed occasionally visiting it. We don’t think it is too smart to go there either.

Mrs. Lion only goes to her office two days a week. The rest of the time she works from home. Her routine doesn’t vary regardless of the day of the week. We might go to the grocery store on a weekend day, but other than that we are in the house and Mrs. Lion is either on her computer or iPad. Sexual activity takes place after dinner when we have it. There is nothing we do that distinguishes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday from Saturday and Sunday. That’s too bad.

With more and more people either out of work or working from home, I imagine they are in a similar situation. I don’t mind being at home. I do wish we could somehow find ways to differentiate one day from another. As you probably know, I am required to remind Mrs. Lion of “punishment days”. These are throwbacks to the very beginning of our disciplinary relationship.

When we first started, Mrs. Lion quickly became adept at spotting infractions of her rules. She was very reluctant to spank me and more often than not offenses went unpunished. We got the idea that perhaps if we set aside certain days of the week to administer punishments, it would be easier for Mrs. Lion to collect my offenses and spank me on those days. Initially she set aside Mondays and Thursdays. I was required to remind her each Monday or Thursday that it was punishment day.

After a while, Mrs. Lion didn’t need designated days to spank me. She spanked me whenever one was due. Reminding her of punishment days became an opportunity for me to screw up and earn a spanking. In fact, when I got very good at reminding her about Mondays and Thursdays, she added Saturdays as well. I still managed to forget to remind her. Each time I forget, she spanks me.

Nothing special happens on punishment days anymore. Nothing special happens on any day. That’s too bad. I don’t know exactly what we should do about this. It seems to me that if we could find a way to make a day or two special each week, it would break up the monotony. I’m not claiming that my life is boring. It isn’t. Between writing and playing, I am very active sexually. Sex isn’t everything, of course.

For the last week or so I haven’t been able to do anything sexual. That leaves us watching TV and playing with iPads. Even if my penis wasn’t out of commission, Mrs. Lion has drastically increased the amount of time between orgasms. That doesn’t mean we aren’t active almost every night, but it means that a certain sense of urgency is missing most of the time.

Maybe we need to bring back the Box O’Fun. We seem to be getting in a sexual rut. Maybe we can find things we can do outside of the house to break up our time. We have to be careful about that. Both of us are in vulnerable groups in terms of COVID-19. Perhaps we should decide to have game nights. Mrs. Lion likes games a lot more than I do, but we could still find things to do.

This is something I think we need to talk about. We need to get out of our rut before the long winter nights take hold. It would be good to find some interesting things to do.

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  1. Like living the movie “Ground Hog Day”.

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