Recently, Mrs. Lion has explained that she hasn’t teased or tortured me because I fell asleep. I suppose that sometimes I do take a cat nap after dinner. My naps rarely last more than half an hour. I don’t know why Mrs. Lion sees this as a signal that we can’t have sexual fun. The logical explanation is that she isn’t very interested and uses my cat nap to signal that I’m not interested either.

The problem for me is that I have no control over these naps. Most of the time, I’m not even aware that I slept. The only immediate clue I get is that the TV show that was on when I fell asleep had ended. It’s like a slice of time has disappeared from my life. When I wake up, I am no different than I was before I fell asleep. My libido is just as active or inactive. I’ve discussed this with Mrs. Lion. Each time we talk about it, she ignores my naps for a while. Then, she goes back to blaming them for no action.

I think the real story is that she isn’t all that interested. It’s a purely altruistic act on her part. There is absolutely nothing in it for her. On Friday night, I had imposed on her by asking her to drive me 25 miles to pick up my glasses. We didn’t get home until 8:30. By the time we ate the takeout we got, it was after 9. About an hour after we ate, I fell asleep for 20 minutes. By then, I was sure Mrs. Lion wasn’t in the mood.

Of course, she’s never in the mood. Sex is over for her. I’m lucky she makes an effort to provide a release for me. Beggars can’t be choosers. Lately, it feels like there is a wall between our beds. I know she loves me. I don’t think she likes physical contact with me very much. I’ve noticed that I initiate any touching we do outside of sex. This makes me sad.

Maybe it is time to stop expecting contact, sexual or otherwise. Perhaps I have to either give up sex or find release another way.

[Mrs. Lion — I should have made it clear that I was tired after picking up Lion’s glasses. We both snoozed for a bit in the afternoon. And he didn’t impose on me to drive him. I’ll drive him anywhere he wants to go, anytime he wants to go. As far as the wall between our beds is concerned, sure the napping comes into play, but I’ve also been feeling like Lion just lays there. When I move over to snuggle and play with my weenie, he does nothing. Just lays there. It feels like the old stereotype of the woman laying there while the husband “does his business” and gets off her. I’m not sure what I want him to do, but turning off the TV or acknowledging me other than the obvious erection would go a long way.]

Maybe I’ll ask Mrs. Lion to ride me on my birthday. It’s been 1,293 days since the last time I was ridden. I’m not sure how well it will work out if she decides to try. Since she doesn’t get any sexual pleasure from it, as I recall, the experience isn’t the same as when she wanted an orgasm. Part of the problem is the amount of lube she used last time. Less may be more in this situation.

Fucking was never my number one sexual activity. I always liked oral sex better–both giving and getting. I haven’t felt deprived these last 1,293 days. If that sounds like a long time, the last time I jerked off was 2,427 days ago. (Don’t you love Google? Just type in a date and ask how long ago it was.) I don’t miss jerking off. It was never very entertaining. I do miss giving my lioness orgasms by riding me (cowgirl style). After she had her orgasm, she would turn around (reverse cowgirl) and ride me until I came. It’s nearly impossible for me to come when Mrs. Lion fucks me in the cowgirl position.

It may be that I’m past being ridden. I’m not sure that I wouldn’t exhaust Mrs. Lion before I finished. In the old days, much of the time, she would ride me cowgirl style until she came. Then she would dismount and finish me with her hand. That was big fun too. This was before sex stopped meaning regular orgasms for me.

I still worry that I broke my lioness. She wanted me to initiate sex, and I failed miserably at that. She took the lead because I didn’t. Later, after we began male chastity, she wrote about how important it was for me to initiate. I can’t help but wonder if my inability to do this didn’t turn her off to sex.

Male chastity was made for me. I’ve always found it nearly impossible to take the lead sexually. I don’t know why. I haven’t been rejected much in my life. It’s just how I’m wired. Anyway, Mrs. Lion always complains that it’s hard to get me presents. Maybe this gift suggestion will help.

Mrs. Lion wrote that Saturday night might be an opportunity for some lion fun. That might be nice. If her headache goes away over the weekend, maybe she will try the restraints that she bought [hint, hint].

I’ve been working on a new, less expensive site stat system. We use a service provided by the people who provide a free program to be installed on a server. Since we haven’t had a server, we subscribed to the service. Now that our pandemic unemployment has ended, we need to save money. The paid service costs $200/year. Our current subscription goes until June 2022. I set up a very small cloud server that will cost about $60/year. It took me most of today to get it going, but now we have the free version of the same program running. It seems to be working well. It pays to put in the effort to save 2/3 of the costs.

Speaking of getting things working, it bothers me that Mrs. Lion hasn’t had any solid success giving me a handjob. Sure, 99% of my sex life until last spring was indeed in her hand–literally. Since then, it’s been in her mouth, which I much prefer. Maybe it’s worth a little time and experimentation to see if she can get her manual mojo back. My penis hasn’t been one other place in 3 1/2 years, her vagina. I’m not complaining. Mrs. Lion doesn’t want sex for herself. Maybe for my birthday…?

A little while ago, I surveyed Twitter. I asked women to choose the part of a naked man’s body that they found sexiest. They had four choices: face, legs, cock, and ass. I figured most women would prefer a man’s face. Ha! Face and legs were tied at 10% each. Cock and ass were tied at 40% each! The sample came from female followers of my Twitter feed, so they may not be typical of all women. Still, that was a big surprise to me. Better get to manscaping, guys!

Today is punishment day. I’ve already decided I’m not doing a “just because” spanking because I whomped him last night. He says he can still feel it this morning. Good. Spanking him again would be too much.

When I was done with him, I left him to recover while I took a shower. I like to give him some time between punishment and fun. I don’t want him to be thinking about the pain when I’m trying to arouse him, and vice versa. Plus, left to his own devices, he can think about his crime every time he tries to get comfortable.

I was still letting him recover when he asked if I wanted to snuggle. I’d closed my iPad, and I was trying to get myself in motion. In my mind, I was already halfway there. Of course, snuggling is often code for more. That’s fine. He needed attention. It had been a few days since I’d edged him.

He was hard when I used my hand. He lost a little bit when he moved to let me suck him. I got him hard again. I was afraid I was losing him, so I stopped pulling on his balls and started tickling them. It was an immediate improvement. I edged him twice. I was going to edge him again and then give him an orgasm, but he got ahead of me. He assumed I wasn’t going to let him finish. I don’t know if he believed me when I said I was going to, but he surprised me early.

I’m not complaining. I love Lion creme filling no matter when I get it. I guess if I hadn’t intended to give him an orgasm, I might feel differently. I’ve considered making a rule that he can’t come unless I tell him he can, but there’s a problem with that. I usually have my mouth full. I also think he can’t be expected to stop an orgasm when I push him too far. Ultimately it’s my fault. That’s why I get so annoyed with ruined orgasms.

At any rate, I have a spoiled Lion. He’s been spanked and sucked dry. He should have slept well last night. [Lion — I slept very well.]