A Meh Orgasm And Moving Blues

Mrs. Lion gave me an oral orgasm on Friday night. It was unusual from the start. First, the Edex didn’t get me as hard as usual and it took longer for me to get aroused. Then, the orgasm itself was a bit of a downer. There was no fluid, and I didn’t feel the usual intensity. Instead, I found myself getting more and more aroused, then when I should have hit the peak, sensations leveled off and then faded. It definitely felt like a small orgasm. Mrs. Lion said I just got very aroused and then lost it. We agreed to try again soon.

I’m losing my desire to relentlessly pursue orgasms. I like them, but sometimes it just doesn’t seem worth the effort to have them. A good part of this may be because Mrs. Lion isn’t interested in sex for herself. I miss her participation. Another part is that I just may be entering a phase of low libido. I’m not going to worry about it.

We are both stressed by the upcoming move. We’ve scheduled the movers for the last week in February. Mrs. Lion ordered moving boxes that we’ll get today or tomorrow. It’s all getting very real. To make matters worse, I read reviews of the property management company that handles our new house. They get one star on Yelp and the Better Business Bureau has four complaints against them. That’s not too bad, considering that they’ve been in business for twenty years. Still, it’s something else to worry about.

The most serious consequence of this unexpected move is the dent on our savings. Moving fifty miles away is expensive. There is some good news on the economic front. Gasoline, electricity, and water are all considerably cheaper than they are here. Gas prices here are in the $5.50 a gallon range. They are only $3.50 in the new location. Electricity goes from 11 cents a gallon to just eight. The rent is about $100/month higher, but the savings on other stuff offset it.

Maybe all of these new issues affect my ability to orgasm. It makes perfect sense that they would. Life isn’t always easy. Regardless of the move and other stuff, I love every minute I spend with my lioness. I’m incredibly lucky to have found her and bamboozled her into loving me.