carved ginger for figging
Figging. Ginger, carved and ready for Lion’s butt.

I agree with Lion’s suggestion about moving sling day to Saturday or Sunday. We have more time on the weekends. It’s true the sling is just downstairs and it literally takes a minute to get there but after work and dinner and showers and… and… and, it’s difficult to find the motivation to go “all the way” down to the basement.

The latest question to come up is whether the Box o’ Fun happens on scheduled days, random days or some other arrangement. Lion says random equates to never. What he’s really saying is that I’ll forget and won’t do it. When we instituted punishment days it was for my benefit. If I forgot to punish Lion at the time something happened, theoretically I would catch up with him on punishment days. Even though I’ve been lax in my punishments (catching him, not lighter swats) I’ve gotten better at doing the swats closer to the crime. I guess we should do the same thing with the Box O’Fun.

My original thought was to have Lion choose every other day. Then I realized we’ll get bogged down on what day we last did it and is today the day or did we miss it yesterday. So the days will be Wednesday, Friday and Saturday/Sunday. Some weekends we have plans on one of the weekend days so we’ll adjust when needed. Also, I’ll throw in a random day here and there.

We can adjust things as we go. If he picks pegging on Wednesday and we decide it would be better in the sling, we can save that till the weekend playtime and he’ll choose another card. Similarly, if he chooses figging and we don’t have ginger, he can choose again and we’ll throw the card back in for when we do have ginger.

Of course I can do whatever I want so if I decide I want to use Velcro on him Monday night and he chooses it again Wednesday, oh well. It’s the luck of the draw. As far as orgasm cards are concerned, he didn’t want the Magic Wand thrown in because that’s pleasure. Isn’t an orgasm pleasure? I thought so. Unless I decide to give him an orgasm every day for a week. He might think that was torture.

Lion cut up some index cards to make little squares so I could write play ideas on them. I started with ass things: spanking, figging, pegging, butt plugs. Then I moved on to cock and ball things: menthol rubs, clothes pins of all sorts, Velcro, etc.

Lion suggested some things might include a second pick. For example, a blind fold all by itself won’t really do much. However, if he picks a blindfold and one of the various clothes pins it would be much more interesting. I took the suggestion and added “hands tied” and “tied to the bed” as other choices that allow second picks. I also have double or triple cards for certain choices. Spanking has two or three instances in the mix. Also at Lion’s suggestion, the card he picks will be kept out of the rotation until all items are chosen. The cards allowing second picks will be returned to the rotation since they’re generally fun additions.

Once we settled in I had Lion make his choice. Wouldn’t you know it? He picked menthol rub. First time out he gets something he hates. This does not bode well for Lion. Next time he’ll probably get Velcro. Poor thing. Maybe he should stop having ideas.

When I went to get the menthol rub Lion said he wasn’t even hard yet. Why would I start when he wasn’t hard? I looked at him and took hold of my weenie. He was well on his way to hard. Mr. Weenie was excited at the prospect of his neighbors to the south being fire bombed. And Mr. Weenie stayed that way for quite a while.

Eventually I gave up trying to edge him while his balls were burning. When I returned later he said he needed some help getting started again. The Magic Wand helped to some extent but I think it was too much all at once. Lion said he was done for the night.

About a half hour later I brought the key safe back into the bedroom. I told Lion to put his base ring on while I changed the batteries in the lock. After Lion was all locked away I took both keys and locked them away as well. He said the keys were close but of absolutely no use to him. Then he said he knows I have another key on a necklace around somewhere. It’s true. If he wants to go rummaging through my stuff to find it he can. If it’s that important to him to know where the keys are. Of course, if it was really important to him he could still have the emergency key in his possession.

[Lion – She could always wear the necklace]

Lion’s chastity device keys are safely locked in here. Last time I used this safe, it was under the bed and I kept stubbing my toe on it.

I’ve been really tired for a few days. Instead of getting sick and being unable to get out of bed for a few days, this cold has decided to let me work and function while it hangs on. I’m not sure which way I prefer it. I just want to be snoozing right now.

We went out to dinner last night and stuffed ourselves with breakfast for dinner. When you don’t have time for a big breakfast in the morning it’s always fun to have it for dinner. I’ll never argue with scrambled eggs and bacon any time of day.

Yesterday I had Lion make a list of different kinds of play. Eventually we’ll put each item on a slip of paper and throw it in a bag/box to draw from when it’s time to play. Lion also wants to specify what kind of play each item represents. I’m not sure exactly what that means. Does he want clothes pins expanded to regular, plastic, tiny, etc? I guess that’s the only time he’d get the tiny clothes pins. I tend to use them to threaten him. I rarely actually use them. That would force me to do some of the things I don’t normally do. And they are the things Lion hates most.

Tonight I’ll look for some index cards so we can convert the list into action. I may even have some cards already written up from a previous game we played. (I am a hoarder.) Lion wants to keep the chosen item out of the bag/box so we get through the entire list without repeating. I’m not sure how I feel about that, but we’ll give it a shot and see how it goes.

By the time I got to snuggling Lion he was not really in the mood for sex. I did follow through with locking him back into the cage. I’m not sure how happy he is that he’s locked away again but it doesn’t really matter. He’s in there and that’s that. The cage comes off when I say it comes off and goes back on when I say it goes back on. A few days ago I stole back the emergency key and its holder. Tonight I’ll bring back the lock box and put the keys in there. Lion will know where the keys are but he won’t be able to get them. Just like he can see my weenie but he can’t get to it.

paddle on Lion's bare butt
This is the paddle Mrs. Lion used for our Super Bowl game. It’s only 3-inches across and has a long handle. It’s the meanest in her collection. It really hurt! You can see I still have marks a day later.

As Mrs. Lion wrote, Super Bowl Sunday had some surprises for me. She suggested a game. It was the first spanking game we ever played. The rules were simple: I get a swat for every point either team scored. I would also get one for each penalty.

She used one her most vicious paddles for my swats. My butt was burning from early in the game right through the evening. Each touchdown or field goal became harder and harder to take. She only held back on a few swats. The rest were punishment grade.

She wrote that I groaned when anyone scored. She’s right. I hoped neither team would get into the end zone. Every time someone did, my end zone got more painful. Mrs. Lion smiled a lot during the game.

I had wanted us to play a game with penalties (for me, of course) for a long time. We played “Zaperday” a couple of times. That game is a bit more complex. I wear my training collar (it’s a dog training shock collar that fits around my balls). I answer questions. l miss one and I get zapped. It’s fun for me in a masochistic way. Mrs. Lion appears to like it too.

Yesterday, I asked Mrs. Lion if she liked her Super Bowl game. She said that she did. I asked her what she liked about it. She answered that she liked my reactions to the football game. She liked that I groaned when a team scored. She noticed my concern when a team was in scoring range.

She didn’t mention enjoying paddling me. But she made a point of hitting hard. Was that because it would assure that my reactions to the game would get more urgent? Or, was it fun paddling me?

Actually, it doesn’t matter. As long as it was fun for both of us, it works. I know what you are thinking. How could I enjoy something that hurts that much? I found the game a big turn on. I’m turned on by penalties. It’s arousing. The game is exciting. It’s also very hot to think about playing. That’s how I’m wired.

I hope that Mrs. Lion will find more games for us to play. The element of surprise and my vulnerability turn me on a lot. I suspect we will learn about the next chapter together.

Mrs. Lion learned something during that game: I can take at least 78 hard swats. She will probably use that knowledge the next time she punishes me.