The Luck of the Draw

So far Lion hasn’t been very happy with the choices he’s made from the Box O’Fun. He’s had menthol rub, plastic clothes pins and ball swats. I promise there are more exciting things in there for him. And there are a few more that aren’t so exciting. He likes spanking but hates Velcro. He likes when I tie his balls up but hates those tiny little clothes pins. Lucky for him the items I’ve doubled and tripled up are things he likes. He’s due for a string of lucky picks soon. I can feel it. In the meantime he’ll feel it.

Last night Lion said he hopes we can do more ass play. We do it for a while and then we don’t for a while. He thinks his ass shrinks back to normal size. I wonder if it ever really stretches or does it just remember over time. No idea. I haven’t read anything about it. I told him we’d do more ass play in the future. Then he asked when we could play in the sling.

Today I’m going to a friend’s house. Originally, Lion was going to make stew and my friend would come back to our house for dinner. Lion’s tummy is upset today. It doesn’t make any sense for him to make stew if he doesn’t feel well. Either he’ll join us for dinner somewhere later or my friend and I will go alone. Or I can even beg off and come home to take care of Lion. Whatever the case, I think the sling is out for tonight. But we can see how things go later.

Tomorrow night I have a work function. We’re welcoming a new employee so we’re hitting happy hour. I never stay too long for these things but Lion likes to eat at a reasonable hour so he may be eating alone. Of course I’ll be home before eight so it’s not like an all-night party. I’m not sure I’ll feel like doing anything to him in the sling tomorrow.

I told Lion Tuesday could be sling night. I know we moved it from Wednesday to the weekend but then we just started the Box O’Fun and that took up last night. I probably should have done the ball swats with him in the sling but I didn’t think of it. The game is so new I wasn’t thinking about anything but how to play the game the best way. Now I think we should always use the sling along with whatever he picks on Saturday/Sunday.

It’s a work in progress. We may never be done tweaking the rules of the game. I can always add things to the mix and I can always change what’s already in the box. We may decide to use the box more or less often. The only thing certain is that Lion is back in his cage following whatever we do.