Wednesday night was our first try at Mrs. Lion’s Box O’Fun. I picked (randomly), Icy Hot on my balls. Mrs. Lion got the dreaded stuff and applied it. The result was the expected burning pain. That’s the game we decided to play. At least that’s what I thought. Then, yesterday while thinking back on that play, I realized something might have been missing.

Generally, when we play, there is a period when Mrs. Lion arouses me. When we first start a sling session or one on the bed, it always begins with her playing with my penis and getting me very aroused. Even with Velcro, which requires me to be fairly flaccid, she starts off getting me very hot. For me, at least, sexual arousal is the key difference between play and punishment.

When I picked a card and then with no real time to get me very excited, the Icy Hot was applied, it felt different; worse. I suppose you can argue that it’s part of the game. I don’t think so. Play for us always includes a build up. This is a time when my anticipation has a chance to grow as well as my erection. Some of the cards in the box are for milder activities. Even so, if they are performed when I am very aroused, they are much more interesting to me.

The game, because I am picking a card and then experiencing what it says, suggests that the item should be done in isolation. Thee is no reason it can’t work that way. I’m hoping we can change things up a bit to make the game a little more fun for me. If, for example, Mrs. Lion doesn’t tell me I will have to pick a card, but just begins edging me. At some point she announces I have to pick a card, I will already be aroused and ready for whatever fate will befall me.

If I know I will be picking a card, but I don’t know when, the foreplay might be made hotter by my anticipation. Alternatively, if Mrs. Lion picks the card and doesn’t share what it says to me until after she finishes foreplay, suspense can be even greater. Of course, she or I could pick more than one card at a time.

No, this isn’t topping from the bottom. It’s just a suggestion. 2.0 will do exactly what she wants.


  1. Author

    I’m sure she appreciates your suggestions lion. And of course it’s totally up to her what she does with them. 🙂

    1. Author

      She does. She’s learning to take my suggestions like Julie does. She does what I ask but goes much further than I would like.

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