Box O’Fun Take Two

carved ginger for figging
Figging. Ginger, carved and ready for Lion’s butt.

I agree with Lion’s suggestion about moving sling day to Saturday or Sunday. We have more time on the weekends. It’s true the sling is just downstairs and it literally takes a minute to get there but after work and dinner and showers and… and… and, it’s difficult to find the motivation to go “all the way” down to the basement.

The latest question to come up is whether the Box o’ Fun happens on scheduled days, random days or some other arrangement. Lion says random equates to never. What he’s really saying is that I’ll forget and won’t do it. When we instituted punishment days it was for my benefit. If I forgot to punish Lion at the time something happened, theoretically I would catch up with him on punishment days. Even though I’ve been lax in my punishments (catching him, not lighter swats) I’ve gotten better at doing the swats closer to the crime. I guess we should do the same thing with the Box O’Fun.

My original thought was to have Lion choose every other day. Then I realized we’ll get bogged down on what day we last did it and is today the day or did we miss it yesterday. So the days will be Wednesday, Friday and Saturday/Sunday. Some weekends we have plans on one of the weekend days so we’ll adjust when needed. Also, I’ll throw in a random day here and there.

We can adjust things as we go. If he picks pegging on Wednesday and we decide it would be better in the sling, we can save that till the weekend playtime and he’ll choose another card. Similarly, if he chooses figging and we don’t have ginger, he can choose again and we’ll throw the card back in for when we do have ginger.

Of course I can do whatever I want so if I decide I want to use Velcro on him Monday night and he chooses it again Wednesday, oh well. It’s the luck of the draw. As far as orgasm cards are concerned, he didn’t want the Magic Wand thrown in because that’s pleasure. Isn’t an orgasm pleasure? I thought so. Unless I decide to give him an orgasm every day for a week. He might think that was torture.


  1. Author

    Out of curiosity the other day I tried figging and it wasn’t nearly as hot as sticking a finger full of toothpaste up my ass. I suppose the brand might make a difference. I tried Crest. Lion may hate me for the suggestion, but then again, maybe not.

    1. Author

      A large piece of carved ginger root will burn for a long time. How intense it is depends on the individual piece of ginger. “Aging” the ginger in the fridge for a week or two makes it stronger. Lube can’t be used for figging. It protects the anus from the ginger oil.

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