Box O’Fun

Lion cut up some index cards to make little squares so I could write play ideas on them. I started with ass things: spanking, figging, pegging, butt plugs. Then I moved on to cock and ball things: menthol rubs, clothes pins of all sorts, Velcro, etc.

Lion suggested some things might include a second pick. For example, a blind fold all by itself won’t really do much. However, if he picks a blindfold and one of the various clothes pins it would be much more interesting. I took the suggestion and added “hands tied” and “tied to the bed” as other choices that allow second picks. I also have double or triple cards for certain choices. Spanking has two or three instances in the mix. Also at Lion’s suggestion, the card he picks will be kept out of the rotation until all items are chosen. The cards allowing second picks will be returned to the rotation since they’re generally fun additions.

Once we settled in I had Lion make his choice. Wouldn’t you know it? He picked menthol rub. First time out he gets something he hates. This does not bode well for Lion. Next time he’ll probably get Velcro. Poor thing. Maybe he should stop having ideas.

When I went to get the menthol rub Lion said he wasn’t even hard yet. Why would I start when he wasn’t hard? I looked at him and took hold of my weenie. He was well on his way to hard. Mr. Weenie was excited at the prospect of his neighbors to the south being fire bombed. And Mr. Weenie stayed that way for quite a while.

Eventually I gave up trying to edge him while his balls were burning. When I returned later he said he needed some help getting started again. The Magic Wand helped to some extent but I think it was too much all at once. Lion said he was done for the night.

About a half hour later I brought the key safe back into the bedroom. I told Lion to put his base ring on while I changed the batteries in the lock. After Lion was all locked away I took both keys and locked them away as well. He said the keys were close but of absolutely no use to him. Then he said he knows I have another key on a necklace around somewhere. It’s true. If he wants to go rummaging through my stuff to find it he can. If it’s that important to him to know where the keys are. Of course, if it was really important to him he could still have the emergency key in his possession.

[Lion – She could always wear the necklace]


  1. Author

    Awesome! Someone I was talking to yesterday gave me the same idea. Keeping slips of paper in a jar beside the bed. I should get to work on that.

    1. Author

      We’re having a lot of fun with it. The “fun” for me is very different from Mrs. Lion’s.

  2. Author

    I would love my Queen to wear my key on a chain. I actually bought her a lovely white gold chain so that she had a nice chain for that purpose. However the key is not the prettiest locket and therefore she doesn’t wear it. Perhaps I’ll find a key that’s jewellery and it can be worn as my symbolic key.

    1. Author

      Mrs. Lion seems to have stopped wearing the chain with my “key”. Maybe she will start again. 🙂

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