Yesterday, Lion still wasn’t feeling the greatest. He was snoozing a lot. Around 4 he asked if I was going to wax him. I hadn’t planned on it. The wax wasn’t warmed. It would take hours to melt. I guess he felt well enough to be waxed but not to stay awake for any length of time. Before we went to sleep, I told Lion we could finish his waxing after my Zoom meeting this afternoon. I’ll turn the wax on so it’s ready.

The other day I waxed the front half of Lion except for his legs. He wants his legs bare, as well. I think his legs look funny when they don’t have any fur. The thing is, they look funny when they have hair too. What the heck? It’s no secret that I don’t like waxing, but I really don’t like waxing his legs. A few months ago I came up with a compromise: every other time I wax him, I’ll do his legs. I’d forgotten about that till just now. I guess that means I’m doing his legs this time. (I was going to do them anyway.)

I usually start of with his front since there are more intricate areas there. His balls are generally the most difficult since they’re loose skin. You should stretch skin when yanking off the wax. Well, you should stretch it when you apply the wax too, but I tend to ignore that part. Yanking it off hurts a little less when you stretch the skin. Anyway, pulling and yanking is more difficult so it takes more time on the front. Lion also has more hair on his chest than on his back, thank god. It may seem odd but I tend to do his “bikini” area first. I figure if either of us needs to stop quickly, at least I have the most important spots done.

Today I’ll start with his butt crack and parts of his balls that may have been difficult to access the other day. Lion needs to be on his knees for this part. I try to go as quickly as I can so he’s not putting too much strain on his shoulders. Then he’s on his tummy for the rest. As I said, his back and tush aren’t as furry, but some of the hair is stubborn. I can apply wax three or more times and it still hangs on. I don’t know why this happens. It’s pretty annoying going after that one silly hair and it won’t let loose. I should just bring a tweezer with me so I can yank it out.

I don’t know if you wax yourself or your partner, but getting the random stuck on wax off at the end is a giant pain. We’ve found that dousing it with mineral oil, letting it soak in and then rubbing it off with a towel works fairly well. There are still a few pieces that refuse to come off but Lion uses mineral oil in the shower to get that off.

I guess we have our mid- to late-afternoon plans laid out for us. When we’re done, Lion will be smooth as a baby’s butt and we’ll have another few weeks before he insists he’s getting furry again.

Obvious comment of the day: It’s easier to write a sex blog when you’re horny. Aren’t you glad I’m such an astute observer of myself? For the last couple of days, I couldn’t get it up. Well, I did sorta when Mrs. Lion gave me a blow job. I was apparently at half-mast. That’s the first time in my memory that I did that. The next two days I really couldn’t get it up at all. I had chemical help. On one of those days, I tried generic Viagra (a real prescription from a real drugstore) and the next generic Cialis (also legit). They didn’t help. Then on Sunday morning with no apparent motivation, I got fairly hard. This gives me hope that if Mrs. Lion chooses to play with me reasonably early today, we may have good results.

I wonder if the problem is simply either the hour we played or that my refractory period has gotten dramatically longer. It wouldn’t be too surprising if both are true. Also, on Saturday Mrs. Lion gave me a Brazilian waxing. I didn’t achieve an erection during that even though she tried to give me one, but I do consider losing hair sexy. Maybe that was foreplay for me. It might be. I think it counts.

Even though Mrs. Lion dislikes doing it, I love the results when she waxes me. Skin looks better than hair to me. Every so often some nude photographs show up on Twitter, posted by people who like to take pictures at nude beaches. I definitely find the women with shaved pubes more appealing than bushy ones. Fortunately for me, hairlessness appears to be the current trend in personal grooming. I’ve also noticed that those beach shots that include men show that they too get rid of their pubic hair.

I know that some guys think of losing body hair as a way of being submissive. Some women have commented that hairless men are more boy than man. That prejudice seems to be disappearing. Mrs. Lion is indifferent to the status of my body hair. I’m the one who prefers it missing. For the record, she doesn’t remove her pubic hair. It’s light and looks fine to me.

In her post yesterday, she was musing about giving me a Brazilian every month and removing the other hair every other month. I have no objection to that, of course. The only problem is that what grows back is very fine and scraggly. I think it just looks messy. She doesn’t think it’s worth wasting the money on getting professional waxing. If she can do it why spend money on paying someone else to do it? I think it’s much nicer when she does it anyway. We’ve made the investment in equipment. I just hate to see her doing something she doesn’t like, especially when it involves me.

I’m lucky that hair removal is the only part of lion care that she considers a chore. I would be devastated if she felt that way about edging me. For reasons I will never understand, Mrs. Lion really enjoys the flavor of semen. She’s made it crystal clear that it’s worth all the work it takes to get me to produce some for her pleasure. I like making it for her. It’s a definite win/win. Sadly for me, she’s perfectly happy rationing this treat. She is fine with waiting a week or more between snacks. Of course, I’m perfectly happy to provide it more frequently. That’s not gonna happen.

I’m very happy she likes it so much. She doesn’t want to share it. That’s very good! I don’t share her taste in this particular snack. I don’t like it when she decides to be generous and feed it to me. She says it’s good for me. I think it’s better for her.

For months I’ve wanted to get a good supply of soups. With Lion working from home, even before social distancing, having something easy for lunch was important. He can’t just run out to Burger King like I can while I’m working. Peanut butter only gets you so far. Frozen dinners add some variety. Soup is easy for both of us.

People have been stocking up and hoarding toilet paper. They’ve also been stocking up on long-term food supplies like soup. Most of it was sold out on Amazon Fresh and even if they had soup, there were no delivery times available. Lion went on a local supermarket site, added bunches of soup and then found out there were no delivery times available. I went on a different local grocery store site, added bunches of soups and because they use Insta-cart for delivery, we were able to get our order delivered. We should be good for quite a while.

This is Lion before his waxing. That patch of hair above my weenie refuses to die. It’s all gone now as you can see at the top of this post.

I gave Lion his Lion-zilian yesterday. He is fur-free in his bikini area and from belly button to butt crack, plus a little way down his thighs. For whatever reason, the hair at the base of his penis was the most overgrown. His balls were furry, but the base of his penis looked like a forest. It’s always that way. He had many laser treatments and that spot just does not want to give up fur production.

I did not go beyond the Lion-zilian. I’ve been achy enough lately and I wanted to reserve some energy for play later on. I also like him with hair on the rest of his body. I’m just now thinking maybe we can compromise, with one month all off and one month only a Lion-zilian. It’s the best of both worlds, although I wouldn’t mind if it was all off or all on in alternating months. [Lion — All on doesn’t really work anymore. Regrowth is spotty and very fine hair that to me just looks strange.]

Lion snoozed a bit last night while we watched TV. He’d taken a name brand boner pill around dinner time. Somewhere around 10, we tested that pill. I’m not willing to call it a failure. Lion wasn’t able to get very hard but I bet I could have gotten him harder if I’d used my mouth. I also think he might be putting more pressure on himself to have a stronger erection. Sometimes if you try too hard, you can sabotage yourself. He’s concerned he really is broken. I doubt he is. And now I’m sorry I ever brought up the fact that he seemed softer at all. [Lion — This morning I had a pretty normal erection. I bet if Mrs. Lion wants to play earlier in the day, her weenie might get up to full mast.]

There are a lot of things to worry about right now. The economy isn’t doing all that well. Businesses are asking employees to work from home. Some businesses and schools are closing for the duration. Lion is worried about me bringing the virus home with me. Everything seems up in the air. Any or all of that can weigh heavily on your mind. I’m surprised anything is working the way it should in any capacity.

Lion is not broken. There’s no reason to worry about that. We’ll keep trying and eventually, my weenie will be standing as tall as ever. I won’t give up. Neither should Lion.

Of all the things I do for Lion, waxing is the one I consider a chore. It’s the one I wonder what I get out of it. Yes, I know it makes Lion happy and that suffices for the other things I do for him. But waxing? Not so much. I don’t want Lion to have to spend money on having someone else do it for him, so I do it. And it’s perfectly fine if I don’t like it.

This is the wax I use to take off Lion’s hair. It is designed for men and seems better at removing his stubborn fur. (Click here for the site where we buy it)

I just pulled the waxing cart out of the pantry. The wax needs at least three hours to melt. I filled the pots with wax and set the ball rolling. Lion has asked in the past which wax I prefer. I guess we decided on the green one. I’m low on orange and he bought more green. It’s sort of a loaded question to ask me which I prefer. I’m not sure it matters to me. One may be a little easier to get off him, but the other seems to do a better job yanking the hair out. I think the green is the better yanker.

I can hear you thinking two things: I get a hairless Lion, whose chest hair tickles my nose when we snuggle, and all I have to do is wax him. And if I just unpacked more, the waxing supplies wouldn’t have to be dragged out each time. Allow me to address both. Since Lion hurt his left shoulder, we haven’t been snuggling the same way. I move over and put my head beside his on his pillow and rest my head on his shoulder. And it’s not so much the dragging of waxing supplies that makes me not want to wax him. It’s the waxing him that does it. It may take less time nowadays but I still wind up stiff and achy afterwards. I’ve been incredibly achy lately and I’m not looking forward to exacerbating it. But we slept late this morning and I don’t seem to be as achy. Waxing will technically just get me back to where I was yesterday.

The other thing I noticed this morning was that, even though the weather forecast assures me it will be rainy today, the sun is shining and I miss being able to enjoy having windows with no blinds on them. The house we moved from was essentially in the woods and no one could see in the house. We had no curtains or blinds on most of the windows so we had unrestricted view of the elements, whatever they might be. This house is closer to neighbors and the road, so having Lion naked means the blinds are always closed. I also run around naked quite a bit, but I would get dressed more if it meant having more sunlight in the house.

Okay. Enough whining. We didn’t do anything last night. Lion took a different boner pill to see if that helped his erection get harder. As we waited for it to take effect, we watched TV and he snoozed a bit. I asked if he thought it was time to play and he said we should give it more time. A little while later he said he didn’t feel particularly sexy. I don’t know if he was tired or not, but I sure was. Not playing was not a problem for me. I’d been trying to stay awake too.

I took a sleeping pill, struggled to stay awake long enough to put the drops in Lion’s eyes and zonked out until about seven this morning, then both the dog and I needed a potty break. And I slept again until the neighbor got a delivery of some kind at 9:45. Lion woke up an hour later. Clearly we both needed sleep. We’ll try again for some fun time tonight.