I Feel a Spanking Coming On

Although it was cooler yesterday, it was still warm in the pantry. Standing and bending with no air conditioning or fan in the room was difficult. I managed to get most of his front done. He looks very strange with partially naked legs. He was very furry. The wax is melting and I’ll finish up today. I’ve already set up a fan.

Between the heat and waxing, I’ve already fallen off of my promised play time with Lion. The first night I didn’t set up the massage table was on purpose. I wanted to give him a blow job. The night after was a “normal” down time after an orgasm. Of course, one of those nights was the freezer issue. In the overall scheme of things, I haven’t really neglected him, but I haven’t exactly been following my promise. I probably won’t do anything tonight either because of the waxing. However, tomorrow is open for fun.

It’s been a very long time since I’ve given Lion a punishment spanking. It’s been a long time since he’s earned one. (48 days) I’ve been very frustrated about a lot of things lately, but he isn’t one of them. I should probably give him a maintenance spanking if nothing else just so he doesn’t forget what it feels like to be spanked. Of course, I need to remember what it feels like to spank him too. I’m sure his buns are almost virginal again. Oh, the rude awaking when that first paddle hits.

With the heat gone, we can go back to our normal activities. Lion is still a furnace, though. I tried to get near him the other day, and he just gives off too much heat. Maybe that’s why he feels cold all the time. He sheds his heat. Snuggling doesn’t work very well when he’s huddled under the blankets, and I’m on top. I’m sure I can talk him into coming out for some fun.