Cool Enough to Wax

We may be lucky to hit 80 degrees today. I’m not complaining. I’ve had enough heat for one summer. The freezer is even enjoying the cooler weather. I think it just couldn’t handle the sustained heat. If there are any more heat waves, and we still have all of August to go, we’ll have to make sure we figure out how to keep the freezer cooler.

As soon as I’m done with this post, I’ll turn on the wax and start clearing off the waxing table. There really isn’t much on it this time around. The bigger problem is the large extension cord for the camper. It remains where I dropped it after we sold the camper. We went through COVID, rebound COVID and the heat wave, and I haven’t had the energy to move the heavy sucker to the basement. I’ll probably move it closer to the door today, so it’s a shorter trip when I have time to get rid of it.

Last night, I started wondering if we have enough wax to completely de-fur Lion. Obviously, when I turn the wax on, I’ll check it out. If we don’t, I’ll have to defer the de-furring of his legs until we get more. I’ll still give him his regular waxing. It’s just the extra wax required for those long, furry legs that has me thinking. I was just wondering if it’s easier to wax longer hair or shorter hair. Should I trim his leg fur first? Or does wax do better grabbing onto long hair? The other thing I was wondering is whether Lion’s legs would be as sensitive as other areas to Nair or some other hair removal cream. I’m just spit balling here. I don’t have a problem waxing his legs. I’m just worried about the amount of wax we have at this point in time.

Enough speculation. I’m off to start the wax. Bye bye Lion fur.