First, a Spanking…Then, Maybe Sucking Too

I whomped Lion the other night. Oddly enough, when I was really swatting hard, he kept saying, “Enough!” First, I disagreed. Second, if it was really “enough” he knows what the safe word is. Third, he had about five minutes left on the timer. It wasn’t my idea to use a timer. It was his. Of course, it was his idea for me to spank him and we all know how much he loves a spanking while he’s in the middle of one. I figure I should at least try to live up to the fantasy he created for himself.

Yesterday, it should have been an Edex day. He had two doctor appointments, and that made it a pretty long day. Maybe not long in the sense that we got home late, but as long as it was tiring. He was falling asleep in the waiting room. On the way home, I made a stop to pick up my prescriptions and some food. We’ve both been gaining weight again, so we’re going to try the diet meals. If nothing else, they force portion control. It’s too easy to have second helpings of homemade food, and we tend to do bigger portions, even when we are trying not to. When we make stew or soup, for some reason, it’s easy to get somewhat correct portions. I think the problem is potatoes and pasta. It’s so difficult to figure out a serving size. I’ll blame it on pasta and potatoes, but it’s not all their fault.

Since we didn’t partake of Edex yesterday, we should today. However, today is punishment day. Lion wholeheartedly agrees with a spanking every punishment day. Wholeheartedly, maybe, but not whole butt-edly, especially when the paddles start flying. If I can get to his buns in about an hour or so, we might still be able to have some weenie fun. He needs some time to come down from the whomping high and for his tush to recover a bit. He may still feel sore, but he’ll probably be able to feel pleasure too. At least, that’s my theory.