The Spanking Drought is Over

lion's freshly spanked bare butt

On Christmas Eve we watched “Mary Poppins.” We both love that movie. Yesterday we watched “Mary Poppins Returns.” We love that movie too, although it isn’t as good as the first. How could it be? Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews are just amazing. We ate chips while we watched the movie yesterday. The turkey was cooking, and neither of us felt much like eating it.

We waited a while longer and then did our Christmas meal. I don’t think I ate as much as I did at Thanksgiving but was still full afterward. The chips did me in. I was so full I didn’t even care that we forgot to do our mini apple pie. Too full. Roll me into the bedroom.

Lion mentioned that he didn’t know where the Edex was. I forgot the last dose finished off the box. I told him I knew where the rest was. He was hoping to use it last night. Oof. If he was looking for a hand job, I might have been able to swing it. I didn’t think a blow job was possible. He seemed disappointed. Of course. I told him I’d do what I could, but he said he didn’t want to have sex like that. Sorry. Tomorrow (today) is another day.

I forgot to mention that he got his spanking finally. A little while after we started the turkey, I brought out the spanking bench and strapped him in. Ironically, the night before, I was prepared to give him a five-minute spanking since his buns had reverted back to their virgin status after his long wait. His shoulder hurt too much. He didn’t even make it halfway there. Yesterday, I figured his few minutes of warmup the day before was enough to negate the virgin status. I set the timer for ten minutes and whomped away.

I used the new paddle both times. I asked if it felt like someone was punching him. He said it was definitely a thud. I switched to a leather paddle but worried that the stitches might be the thing that caused some bleeding. I decided the silicone paddle with no stitches was the way to go. It’s mean and I was hitting pretty hard. He wants to be spanked, he’s going to get spanked. At one point, I used my right arm to swat from a different angle. The silicone paddle tends to spring back like the rubber paddles do. Still, it hurt my shoulder to do it for too long. I made the most of it, though.

Apparently, it’s not the stitches that cause bleeding. He wasn’t bleeding as much as usual. I didn’t even need to wipe it away. I hadn’t used wood paddles for long. I think his buns just reach a point at which the pain is too much, so they send out the blood to make me stop. Silly buns. You know he can take much more than that. I’ll have to make it a point not to let his buns go back to virgin status. Maybe I’ll have to start spanking on punishment days again. Just because.