I Admit It. I Need Punishment Day Spankings

Today is Thursday, punishment day in the lions’ den. Will Mrs. Lion follow through on her promise to spank me on every punishment day? I’m not sure how seriously I should take her resolution. If she’s serious about it, a lot could change. For one thing, discipline would never be far from the front of our minds. I understand that spanking me is an unemotional mechanical process for Mrs. Lion. But getting to the point of starting that process has often be difficult for her. I think that’s why following through on scheduled spankings is excellent training for administering them when needed without the emotional filtering that she goes through now.

Can she do it? Should I remind her? These are the thoughts going through my mind today. I want her to follow through. I know it will be good for both of us if she does. Three days a week, every week. No excuses; just get the bench out and administer at least ten minutes of paddling. Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Will she? I hope so. Should she? Absolutely.

The reason I’m so strongly in favor of this is because it’s something Mrs. Lion decided she wanted to do. She wrote about it.

” I’ll have to make it a point not to let his buns go back to virgin status. Maybe I’ll have to start spanking on punishment days again. Just because.” (The Spanking Drought is Over)

I know that she hates to commit to things like this. She doesn’t have a great follow-through record. I hope that changes. I need her to return to being consistent with me.

There! I’ve said it.