Spanking, Sucking, And Happy New Year

It is New Year’s Eve. I hope you have safe and fun plans. We will be home and will watch the ball drop in New York. That happens at 9 PM our time. Seattle offers an anemic fireworks display at the Space Needle. It’s accompanied by a horrid medley of pop tunes picked out by a local DJ. Seattle is a premier example of a small city with absolutely no taste. It isn’t as bad as L.A., but still pretty bad. It amazes me that the home city of Amazon, Microsoft, and T-Mobile can’t muster more than a pathetic display on New Year’s Eve and the Fourth of July. The city does sport a first-rate symphony orchestra and a third-rate opera company. There is also a very active theater community. Unlike New York, Seattle’s is all non-profit. Don’t get me started on the TV stations. We did better stuff in high school.

Anyway, Mrs. Lion did spank me on Thursday (punishment day). She had me yelping and trying to escape. Those wooden paddles really sting. I’m writing this post on Saturday. She informed me that I would be spanked again. Sex was also possible if she spanked me early enough for me to recover in time for oral. Since it’s 1 PM now, I’m not sure if she will be early enough for me to get attention on both sides. One of us will keep you posted.

The othe day we tried an Edex injection with rather limp results. It may have been that we missed the right spot or I didn’t get the right amount of the drug set up. It’s a little tricky, and I have missed before. I’m hoping we will try again tonight or New Year’s Eve. Before our last try, Mrs. Lion applied some IcyHot to my perineum. That’s the most sensitive area for me. It’s also out of the way so she won’t bump into it when she sucks me. When she gives me a racing stripe (follows from perineum all the way up the seam in my balls), it gets in her way if she decides to suck me.

We both hope you have a happy New Year and celebrate safely.