We did not use Edex last night. I assume that means we’ll use it tonight. It’s also punishment day. Lion reminded me like he’s supposed to. Normally, that would get him out of a spanking, but the other day, I said maybe we should go back to spankings on punishment days. The purpose of having set days was to get us (me) into the habit of punishing him. Since I’ve clearly gotten out of practice, it seems I need a refresher course. Lion can use one too.

I never liked to punish him on the same day as sex because I thought it sent mixed signals. Is he in trouble enough to be spanked, but good enough to have sex? To me, there’s a conflict. Never mind the fact that his buns will be burning when I’m trying to get him off. I don’t think Lion likes this “rule”. In fairness, he has had sex after punishment with no issue.

If he’s fine with having sex and punishment on the same night, I’m fine with it. The only question I have is which happens first? I like to spank him when he gets out of the shower. If I wait, it’s likely to be forgotten. Unfortunately, the same is true of sex. To muddy the waters even more, since we’ve stopped eating lunch, we tend to be hungry so we’ll have celery or olives to tide us over. Lion is usually in bed, trying to stay warm and then, inevitably, he falls asleep.

It’s not all that complicated of a problem. We just have to decide what to do. Obviously, things happen, so our decision can’t be steadfast anyway. Things will have to revolve around whether Lion is even horny on any given punishment day.  And if we decide spanking comes first, maybe he won’t be horny afterwards. Problem solved. Sort of.

I’m open to either. He’s the one who has to endure the beating and then be okay for sex.

wife scolding husband

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Enough of that. We tried a shot of Edex on Tuesday night. It didn’t produce a very good erection. I hope it isn’t because the drug is losing its ability to give me a boner. Mrs. Lion tried oral sex without much luck. We plan to try again tonight or tomorrow.

Mrs. Lion has decided that she needs to be more active when it comes to spanking me. She’s threatened to spank me on every punishment day (Mon, Thurs, Sat). I’m pretty sure that she won’t. Follow-through isn’t her strong suit. There’s something to be said for keeping that promise. I’m not saying that I want at least three spankings a week. I am saying that if Mrs. Lion uses these scheduled punishments constructively, it can help us both.

We both know that Mrs. Lion has a great deal of trouble punishing me for things I do that annoy her. I get it. There’s a lot of emotional baggage tied up in that sort of discipline. We both agree that it might be useful if she could do it. What if we tried a little twist on the punishment day spankings? Instead of just strapping me down and paddling me, maybe strap me down and tell me about the things I’ve done that annoyed her. It isn’t that she will be spanking me for those things, not directly. It might help us both connect punishment with offenses that bother my lioness.

I’m not claiming that this will be easy for her. However, it will be useful for us both. What do you think, Mrs. Lion?

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I’m writing this on the day after Christmas. Mrs. Lion spanked me on Christmas day.  There wasn’t much blood, but there was a lot of yelping. She said her shoulder was sore. I couldn’t tell by the strength of her swats. She was in rare form. Later, we had our turkey dinner. There was no sex, just two well-fed, tired lions; one had a sore bottom.

There’s a chance we will have some sex today, a Boxing Day treat for me. Something to look forward to later today. Yum!

I’ve been wondering if, after all of the weight we’ve both lost, Mrs. Lion could do over-the-knee spanking. It’s more idle curiosity than any sort of need. OTK would simplify the process for her since she wouldn’t need to get the spanking bench down. On the other hand, it might make it more difficult to swat me. Neither of us has any childhood OTK memories, so there is no emotionally valuable reason to change the way we do things. Just curious. I’ve never experienced OTK.

In my experience, curiosity, sexual arousal, and any desire to control how, where, and when I’m spanked, disappears within a minute or two of Mrs. Lion applying her paddles to my bottom. Curiosity and suggestions are reserved for times like this when I am some distance from the paddle.

Mrs. Lion almost never takes my suggestions to heart. She doesn’t even discuss them. That’s fair. Spanking is completely under her control, and she will spank me the way that works best for her. My only job is to make my bare bottom available for her minstrations.

lion's freshly spanked bare butt

On Christmas Eve we watched “Mary Poppins.” We both love that movie. Yesterday we watched “Mary Poppins Returns.” We love that movie too, although it isn’t as good as the first. How could it be? Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews are just amazing. We ate chips while we watched the movie yesterday. The turkey was cooking, and neither of us felt much like eating it.

We waited a while longer and then did our Christmas meal. I don’t think I ate as much as I did at Thanksgiving but was still full afterward. The chips did me in. I was so full I didn’t even care that we forgot to do our mini apple pie. Too full. Roll me into the bedroom.

Lion mentioned that he didn’t know where the Edex was. I forgot the last dose finished off the box. I told him I knew where the rest was. He was hoping to use it last night. Oof. If he was looking for a hand job, I might have been able to swing it. I didn’t think a blow job was possible. He seemed disappointed. Of course. I told him I’d do what I could, but he said he didn’t want to have sex like that. Sorry. Tomorrow (today) is another day.

I forgot to mention that he got his spanking finally. A little while after we started the turkey, I brought out the spanking bench and strapped him in. Ironically, the night before, I was prepared to give him a five-minute spanking since his buns had reverted back to their virgin status after his long wait. His shoulder hurt too much. He didn’t even make it halfway there. Yesterday, I figured his few minutes of warmup the day before was enough to negate the virgin status. I set the timer for ten minutes and whomped away.

I used the new paddle both times. I asked if it felt like someone was punching him. He said it was definitely a thud. I switched to a leather paddle but worried that the stitches might be the thing that caused some bleeding. I decided the silicone paddle with no stitches was the way to go. It’s mean and I was hitting pretty hard. He wants to be spanked, he’s going to get spanked. At one point, I used my right arm to swat from a different angle. The silicone paddle tends to spring back like the rubber paddles do. Still, it hurt my shoulder to do it for too long. I made the most of it, though.

Apparently, it’s not the stitches that cause bleeding. He wasn’t bleeding as much as usual. I didn’t even need to wipe it away. I hadn’t used wood paddles for long. I think his buns just reach a point at which the pain is too much, so they send out the blood to make me stop. Silly buns. You know he can take much more than that. I’ll have to make it a point not to let his buns go back to virgin status. Maybe I’ll have to start spanking on punishment days again. Just because.