The Secret You Need To Know Before You Ask Your Partner To Spank You

woman spanking man

All was quiet again on Wednesday night. We watched the first three episodes of “The West Wing.” I forgot how good it was. As of today (Thursday), it’s been 12 days since my last spanking and seven since my orgasm. That definitely puts me in the zone for both. Mrs. Lion has her spanking mojo back. Ten minutes feels like an hour when I’m riding the spanking bench.

This year, we’ll celebrate our 19th anniversary. We’ve been together for 21 years. I give Mrs. Lion a lot of credit for her ability to change and adapt to my special needs. Not many weeks after we met, I told her that I wanted to be spanked. She agreed immediately. Her first attempt was so weak I barely knew she was touching me. It took a while for her to hit me hard enough to yelp. She didn’t like hurting me.

To her credit, she continued spanking me. After a while, she stopped feeling bad about hurting me. She accepted that she was helping me with her paddles. Now, she doesn’t mind making me yelp. She prides herself on giving me a strong enough spanking to have trouble sitting for a few days. Spanking me doesn’t turn her on. It’s just something she has to do like vacuuming the bedroom.

She understands that I’m supposed to hurt and feel bad about being spanked. She isn’t. She’ll never get aroused by spanking me. She might be amused by my antics when strapped to the spanking bench. Spanking is a skill that she taught herself. Granted, it isn’t very difficult to learn. It’s not easy to master.

Before I was with Mrs. Lion, I was a top and spanked many sweet female bottoms. I admit that, unlike Mrs. Lion, I was turned on by blistering their butts. I also had to deal with unreasonable expectations from some of the women.

They imagined that the first time I spanked them, I would deliver the strong sensations they craved. I couldn’t. It takes time and the intimate knowledge of a partner to safely and enjoyably deliver a serious spanking. What may be a fun spanking session to one woman could be abuse to another. Even in a disciplinary setting time and multiple punishment sessions are needed before the intensity of the spanking can be dialed in.

Spanking fantasies and fiction don’t talk about this at all. They can’t. It’s unexciting to read about the slowly escalating spanking sessions that eventually end up with appropriate punishment. I understood that Mrs. Lion had to work through this process before she could deliver the spankings I get now.

If you’re considering asking your partner to spank you, remember this. It will take time and understanding to build a disciplinary relationship. Remember, tomorrow’s bruised bottom started with today’s gentle swat.


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