As Mrs. Lion commented some time ago, when I get interested in something new, I jump in with all four paws to learn everything I can. I’ve done that with Female Led Relationships and Domestic Discipline. I’ve noticed that each of the communities: enforced chastity, female led relationships, and domestic discipline have a range of acronyms that rival the Pentagon in obscurity. Here are just a few I uncovered:

PIV This one stands for Penis In Vagina. In the chastity and other related kink communities this is apparently shorthand for fucking. I’m not at all sure why anyone would use such an idiotic acronym. I wonder if they have DIV (dildo in vagina), PIA (penis in asshole), or PIP (penis in pants). Apparently this acronym is the GPS for penis location.

FLR This means Female Led Relationship. In this case, it’s not too obscure and it does shorten a meaningful term. Of course, there’s also WLM (Wife Led Marriage) and FLM (Female Led Marriage). These shouldn’t be confused with KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines).

DD Domestic Discipline. This term is rather vague. Some people, who have formed a DD community, take this to mean a relationship where the dominant partner (generally the male) disciplines the submissive partner. Very much like enforced chastity, there are a huge number of websites spouting all sorts of “rules” and processes to conduct a DD relationship. I think you can get a master’s degree in DD as presented on the Web. The FLR folks tend to make DD much simpler. To us, it means that the female partner uses punishment (not erotic) to help her male.

CDD Christian Domestic Discipline. This is a specialized branch of DD that uses biblical references to justify male-dominant disciplinary relationships. My reading of some of their literature and web sites suggests that this is a lot less consensual than the non-religiously based domestic discipline.

LDD Loving Domestic Discipline. Some people insist that this is different than just DD, but since all domestic discipline is consensual, the distinction here is probably just Internet nit picking.

TTWD This Thing We Do is a euphemistic reference to Domestic Discipline that some people prefer.

HOH Head Of Household. This is the DD boss, usually the husband.

DW Disciplinary Wife. This is used instead of HOH when referring to a wife-dominant relationship.

TiH I admit this one stumped me. It stands for Taken in Hand and it references the submissive partner in a domestic discipline relationship. It’s a sweet euphemism for submissive partner.  It’s actually nice, if not necessary.

BSM This refers to the Blended Spanking Method (no kidding). The DD folks apparently use this term to “warm up” the TiH for a severe spanking. Seems to me that defeats the point. More like an erotic fantasy to me.

CD The chastity folks use this to reference a Chastity Device. This is any device that prevents sexual access to genitals. Nowadays, it almost always refers to a male chastity device, though it can also mean one intended for females.

JB is a Jail Bird chastity device made by Mature Metal. So many people have them that an acronym makes it easy to reference it for the typing impaired.

CB refers to one of the CBx (CB3000, CB2000, etc.) devices.

This all reminds me of the 10-4 Good Buddy days of CB radio. The specialized, mostly-fantasy websites create new acronyms every day. I think it helps people feel like they belong to the in-crowd by understanding the crypto-talk on these sites. All I can say is: Our FLR, WLM with DD is progressing well. My JB CD prevents me from any PIV at all. Of course, when I break a rule, as the TiH, the HOH makes sure I get severe DD.


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    Lol! All of the acronyms become ridiculous and nitpicky after a point. Our Muggle industry feels like it has acronyms for acronyms. Sometimes I think it is really just a way to act superior to others who aren’t in the know.

    There are times when they are useful but after a point…

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