In an effort to return fun to our power exchange, I ordered some rather humiliating panties in my size. I know that Mrs. Lion sometimes enjoys having me wear panties just because she knows it embarrasses me to wear them. It turns me on when she does things like this that are a bit humiliating. I can’t explain it; I’m just wired this way. The reason it’s fun for her is more complicated.

Mrs. Lion likes games. She enjoys catching me breaking the rules. I’m not talking about the more serious offenses like interrupting or upsetting her. She has trouble punishing me for things like that. However, she likes being able to catch me breaking less emotionally loaded rules like forgetting to make the coffee or not sending her an email. It amuses her to catch me breaking them. I know she doesn’t get aroused by spanking me, but she does enjoy seeing my reaction when I realize I will be paddled. She also likes reminding me that I want her to do this.

Panties fit in this category, too. She likes reminding me that I asked her to make me wear them. I look silly and they aren’t very comfortable to wear. If I’m wearing panties, I cannot pretend she isn’t in cntrol. That’s what I reall want. I like feeling her exercise control. Spanking me is another powerful expression of her control.

In a post the other day she wrote,

“Even Lion can’t explain why he wants to be punished. Well, spanked. What makes that appealing to him? Is it my power over him?  He could get that in less painful ways. Is it the pain? He swears he’s not a masochist. I know he likes the idea of being spanked. He just doesn’t like the actual spanking. Maybe it’s not the pain then.”

Interesting point. What less painful ways was Mrs. Lion thinking about? She never told me. I am certainly open to them in addition to the spanking. She’s absolutely right that it is her power over me. The panties are an effort I’ve made to encourage her to demonstrate that power.

The problem is that she got out of the habit of demonstrating her power. It’s extra work for her. I don’t think that’s the reason she’s basically stopped. I think she got out of the habit. Mrs. Lion knows that I need her to make liberal use of her power on a frequent basis. It doesn’t have to be painful, but it can be, and I’ll welcome it.

So far it’s been my ideas: panties, Spankardy, anal play, and spanking. I’m sure she can come up with her own. Based on the quote from her post, she understands what I need. Catch and punish work well for both of us. We need easy-to-break rules to facilitate that. How she chooses to punish might challenge her creativity.

we are doing two things that look the same but are very different

So far, the lighter side of our power exchange looks exactly the same as the more serious part. The punishments are the same for failing to send an email or annoying my lioness. That’s because I suggested that all offenses be treated with the same degree of seriousness. I made that suggestion because we discovered that it was impossible to spank effectively and at the same time, spank less for lighter offenses. So, all offenses get ten minutes of intense spanking. If I break two rules in a day, the spanking is extended for another five minutes.

This has served us well, but it hasn’t given Mrs. Lion the flexibility she wants. I’m all in favor of giving her that opportunity. My ask is that she demonstrate her power much more frequently. I do want her to spank me. That’s proven effective and also satisfies a deep need. That doesn’t rule out other options. I welcome any that she would like to exercise.

Just as I suggested taking the hour after work to catch up on household stuff, maybe consciously setting time aside for exercising her power each day might be fun for both of us. I know that Mrs. Lion can be very creative when she sets her mind to it.

Listen to this post.


  1. It turns me on to be humiliated also, can’t explain it, maybe it does relate to the power of my wife doing something humiliating. I just deleted a long description of activities after seeing your note above.
    I do think it is great that you both put so much effort on a regular basis into making this FLR work.

    1. Author

      Thanks for the note. I understand how you feel. All I know is that it works for me too.

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