FLR: Use It Or Lose It

wife spanking husband cartoon

I asked Mrs. Lion what pain-free expressions of her power she had in mind when she wrote her post the other day. I asked her this while she was putting painful plastic clothespins on my balls.

“This is an expression of my power,” she said, then paused. “Well, it isn’t painless.”

I grunted in agreement. It hurt a lot. Then, she continued, “I don’t know.” There wasn’t further conversation as she continued alternating the application of clothespins and jerking me off. She removed them one at a time. It hurts more when they come off, and the blood rushes to the pinched spot on my scrotum. When the last pin came off, she invited me to lie across the bed for a blow job. I had a great orgasm.

Our conversation remains unfinished. Mrs. Lion is at a loss for ideas on how she can exercise her power and punish me without spanking me. Don’t get me wrong, spanking isn’t going anywhere. She announced a long time ago that infractions would always be punished with a spanking. She left room for other activities to add on as further incentives to correct my behavior.

What Mrs. Lion suggested that she wants are more ways to assert power when I don’t break a rule. She has also been searching for additional, non-serious, easy-for-me-to-break rules. We both miss her Catch And Spank game.

There’s a more serious side to these activities. When Mrs. Lion is active with Catch And Spank, she’s also much more likely to use her paddles to deal with times I annoy her. She’s always been challenged when it comes to creating and sustaining activities that reinforce our female-led relationship.

I have faith in my lioness. She will almost certainly find ways to make this work. She could use your help. iWhat works in your FLR? Is it just more “Just Because” spankings? Is it mouth-soaping and other childhood punishments? How do other women remind their husbands who is in charge? Your thoughts are most welcome.

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  1. Maybe you should purchase one of those male “Humbler” devices? I had one a few years ago and it really slowed me down.

    1. Author

      We have one. Mrs. Lion didn’t particularly like using it and it didn’t do too much for/to me.

  2. Can you share some of your “ non-serious, easy-for-me-to-break rules“?

    1. Author

      That’s what I am asking You for. Mine are things like remembering to send Mrs. Lion a daily email and remembering to set up the coffee pot. Not interrupting and not spilling food on the bed or my shirt are others.

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