stool with rough welcome mat on it for after spanking discomfort

Before we went on our trip, I was looking for the case for Lion’s razor. I’m pretty sure it’s in the disaster area that is our pantry. However, it could just as easily been in a box with things from our old bathroom. We had a cabinet that held things like that and most of it wound up in that box. It was worth a shot. It wasn’t there, but I kept moving the piece of doormat that was cut so Lion could sit on the stool with it under his freshly-spanked (and sore) bottom. We also have a board with tread tape on it for the same purpose.

I don’t know why I haven’t thought of it before, but the piece of doormat would be perfect for Lion to have under him in bed after I whomp his sexy tush. He always says his buns don’t hurt because the bed is soft. He doesn’t feel any lingering effects until he sits in his office chair. The doormat solves that problem. I may not give him long lasting “feels”, but the doormat sure will make him feel it afterwards. All from the comfort of his bed.

Lion thinks I’ve been taking it easy on him when I spank him. I haven’t been trying to take it easy. If anything, I’ve been ramping things up. Or at least I thought I was. The last time I spanked him, I stopped when he started bleeding. I just didn’t feel like dealing with the blood. However, he’d been yelping all the way through, just like he yelps every other time I swat him. I’ve been hitting harder and for longer bursts at a time. Then I slow down a bit for individual hard swats. It’s not necessarily to bruise him. I just like to vary things a bit. If he wants me to hit harder, I will. He may not like it, but he asked for it. Blood or no blood. And occasionally he’ll have to sit on the doormat in bed just to make sure he remembers he asked for it.

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