While I was rooting around, looking for something to torture Lion with, I happened upon an older pair of panties. They are bright red thongs with fringe across the back. Give him some shiny white boots that go up to his knees and he could be a go-go dancer. (Google it, kids. You’ll laugh.) Shimmy, shimmy, shimmy.

He wonders if I notice him in panties. He’s usually sitting at his desk or hunkered down under the covers. When he is walking around, he’s had a T-shirt on. This is allowed, but it tends to detract from panty viewing. If he didn’t have so much trouble walking (he has to make sure the dog and her toys are out of the way – no small feat sometimes), I’d suggest he hold his T-shirt up and strut his stuff as he passes my desk. Maybe, in the morning, he should give me a little show when he goes into his office. This morning he could have shimmied the fringe at me.

Last night, he did another shot of Edex. He had a theory that I wasn’t getting much cream filling because he wasn’t hard enough. He increased the dose this time. I can’t say for sure if it made him harder. I think there’s a natural fluctuation to his erections, even though there’s nothing natural about them. Pre-boner juice, he’d sometimes be very hard and other times not so much. I don’t know what caused it then, and I don’t know what causes it now. You’d think hard would be hard with the drug boosting morale. Anyway, he was a little harder, and I did get more cream filling. More experimentation is needed to see if there’s a correlation.

A package was delivered a little while ago. Lion said it was for me. He’d ordered it a while ago. Uh oh. More Zestra or something else to make me horny? Nope. A new paddle. Don’t we have enough? Yup, probably. But this one is different. On one side, it’s flat. On the other side, it’s got a bump. I likened it to a fist providing a punch with each swat. Weird. Maybe it will help with bruising. We’ll have to test it out sometime.


lion in feminine panties

As Mrs. Lion wrote in her post, “Delayed Punishment,” she didn’t spank me and gave me a pass on the coffeemaker setup. It was a busy, stressful day for me. I have been working to reduce the cost of our cloud computing. I had a bunch of credits that I earned by taking surveys. That source of revenue has dried up, so I needed to reduce the services we had subscribed to. This involved moving data from an external database to one on the website’s server. Stuff like that rarely goes smoothly. I hit a few glitches that kept me busy for hours. It’s all done now, and I’ve cut our costs in half.

It appears that I’m going to get spanked today. Mrs. Lion means business. The sores from my last spanking have just finished healing. It hurt to sit down for three days. Based on what she’s said, I expect this one to be more severe and hurt for a week after she finishes. According to the old Disciplinary Wives Club website (now defunct), a spanking should hurt for a week after being administered.

When I read that, I didn’t believe any spanking would hurt that long. I didn’t realize how much damage a wooden paddle could do to my posterior. I’m not complaining. I asked for it, and Mrs. Lion happily obliged. I will do better remembering to send her that weekday email before noon. Sitting in my desk chair with a sore rear will remind me.

panty progress

I’ve remembered to remind Mrs. Lion to select panties for me every morning. She’s provided one every day. Today, I’m wearing a blue, silky thong. It fits very well and fully covers my bathing suit parts. She’s written that she didn’t intend to have me in panties every day. I’m not going to complain if I don’t. I’m obligated to remind her. She can thank me and let me go commando if she wants. I don’t think I need to be in female underwear every day. I do think that I need to be in panties several days a week to remind me of my role.

On the other hand, what we’re doing now seems to be working. Mrs. Lion is much more observant and ready to spank me when I slip up. Wearing the panties is still exciting to me because it’s such an obvious symbol of her power. Maybe I do need to wear them every day.

Wednesday night Mrs. Lion gave me great oral sex. I think I gave myself too small a dose of Edex. My erection was a bit floppy and Mrs. Lion didn’t get much cream filling. I was dripping for hours afterward. I’m convinced that when I’m not fully erect, the semen storage area at the base of my penis doesn’t fully form. When I have an orgasm, very little semen is available to come out. When I am fully erect, Mrs. Lion gets a nice drink. Next time, I will be more careful with my Edex dosage.

Panty-wearing continues. I remind Mrs. Lion every morning, and she selects a pair for me. Neither of us is particularly drawn to the feminization fetish. The panties are a painless (most days) way for Mrs.Lion to display her control. Building this habit is important for us. Wearing panties is something I wouldn’t do on my own. Before we started this, I wore nothing below the waist when at home. Now I am always covered by a pair of panties.

Wearing panties and more frequent spankings are working to revive our FLR. Use it or lose it seems to be the mantra for maintaining her role. It’s hard for her to forget her role when she sees me walking around the house in a pink thong. It’s impossible for me to forget the sore spots on my bottom and the female underwear I have to wear every day. Mission accomplished.

Will we both get so used to the panties that they stop having meaning for us? I’m wondering about that possibility. I’m pretty sure that won’t happen to me. It’s unlikely that I will take for granted a lioness-selected pair of panties every day. I don’t know what the effect will be for her.

Our first zestra experiment

Before my Edex injection, I applied Zestra oil to Mrs. Lion’s vulva. This oil is supposed to arouse her sexually. It didn’t. She reported some strange feelings while sucking me but no arousal. We’ve agreed to try again. She said that she thinks the problem is in her head. I agree. Maybe I can help resolve whatever is blocking her fun. I’m certainly going to try.

In typical Lion fashion, he’s going overboard with panties. Since he’s started wearing them every day (and I don’t remember initially committing to every day, but it’s okay), we have received at least one package of new panties each day. That’s a lot of panties. We already had some. I think there’s more stashed away somewhere.

His defense is that he’s not sure if they fit or if they’ll be comfortable. Does comfort matter? Think about women who wear high heels and sexy lingerie. High heels are not comfortable at all. Sexy lingerie isn’t necessarily comfortable, either. The bra may have underwire that pokes. It may push her boobs up and together. Yuck. So why should Lion’s girly panties be comfortable? For starters, he has fairly sensitive skin. And he’s not necessarily trying to look sexy for me. The whole point is for him to be humiliated. Would it be more amusing to see him in a skimpy lace thong? Maybe, but when he takes the thong off, it’s not sexy to see areas where the lace irritated him. I only want him to feel pain when I want him to feel pain.

As Lion mentioned some time ago, he bought Zestra for me. It’s supposed to rev up my engine. It didn’t seem to do much. When I read the ingredients, it showed “flavor.” Naturally, I had to see if it had any. It did not. Well, it tasted bad. If that was the flavor they were aiming for then they hit the nail on the head.

What I did notice on my tongue was a warming, tingling sensation after a while. I assume that’s what I should have been feeling in my naughty bits. I don’t know if it was the tiny taste test or absorbing it through my skin, but while I was sucking Lion, I felt like I was closer to him and further from him at the same time. Yes I was moving, but not that much. It struck me as a psychedelic thing like they show in movies where the camera zooms in and out. It was weird.

Lion asked if I thought I’d be interested in sex after he’s gone. How would I know? I don’t know why I’m not interested now. It’s not like I’ll flip a switch. I won’t be rubbing my hands together saying, “Okay. Lion’s gone. Let’s find some sex.” For all I know, I won’t ever have sex again.

The other issue is Lion riding. I’ve been thinking about trying it again. We’ve lost weight. It might be easier now. But he wants me to have an orgasm doing it. I feel if I want to do reverse Lion riding so he’ll have an orgasm, I should be able to do that for him without worrying about having my own orgasm.