The other day, Mrs. Lion wondered if the threat of a spanking would be as effective as the spanking itself. She suggested that if I didn’t know whether or not I would be spanked, she would just promise but not deliver a spanking to change my behavior effectively.

I don’t think so. If I’m misbehaving and Mrs. Lion stops me by threatening a spanking, that might work. However, that rarely happens. She informs me after the fact that I did something wrong. At that time the spanking is necessary to underline her desire for me to change.

This brings up a point that I think our experience has taught us. If spanking is expected to effect a change, it has to be something I truly want to avoid. That also means threatening to spank me will stop me in my tracks if I am anxious to avoid a trip to the spanking bench.

This is a difficult hurdle for Mrs. Lion. I am turned on by the thought of being spanked. There’s no doubt that I am unhappy when receiving a typical lioness spanking. The problem is how unhappy do I have to be in order fot he spanking to be an effective deterrent? How can Mrs. Lion guage the degree of severity she needs to apply?

She’s always relied on me to give her useful feedback. I’ve tried to be honest. If I wait a few days after a spanking, my feedback tends to be more accurate. In a real sense, though, I’m calling the shots when it comes to getting my bottom paddled. I’ve tried hard not to take advantage of this, but I think that being able to get some control of how much spanking I get isn’t good for our disciplinary marriage.

By definition, a spanking should be more than I want or think I can accept. In the past, Mrs. Lion did her own experiments to determine just how much beating I needed to effectively remind me of my errors. More recently, my reactions seem to be her guide. As a result, I don’t feel the effects of a spanking more than a few minutes after it is over. In the past, sitting was uncomfortable for two or three days.

Something changed. I know that Mrs. Lion is using leather and silicone paddles more frequently. There’s no question that they are kinder to my skin and don’t provide more than immediate pain (a lot!). They don’t provide the more lasting ache of wood. I also think that she is more responsive to my yelps and bucking. I’mnot sure why. She has a reason to avoid wood. Those paddles cause me to bleed a little. That’s messy and annoying to her. Maybe there’s no way to send me a strong lesson without some blood back there.

There’s been another change. In the past, she was much more focused on catching me breaking the rules. She seemed to enjoy it when she did. It had a kind of game aspect she enjoyed. Her attentiveness assured that my bottom would get frequent attention. As a result, my behavior changed and our intimacy imroved.

Lately, we have been more physically distant from one another. The love is as strong as ever, but we aren’t as “hands-on.” Part of the reason is my need for an Edex injection to get an erection. Spontaneous sex isn’t possible. There is less disciplinary focus, so spanking is less frequent and intense. There isn’t much we can do about the sex, except perhaps not focusing on an orgasm when I get an injection. I think it’s fairly simple to fix the disciplinary issue. Right, Mrs. Lion?

a possible libido assist

I’ve been looking to see if there might be a way to wake up Mrs. Lion’s libido. Most of the stuff on post-menopausal libido is pretty worthless. To my surprise., Harvard University Health had a most interesting article, “Yes You Can Have Better Sex in Midlife and Beyond.” It offers some solid, down-to-earth advice for women whose libidos have diminished. One suggestion caught my attention. It was for Zestra Arousal Oil. According to Harvard, clinical tests in post-menopausal women showed that 70 percent achieved arousal after using this oil. A small amount is rubbed into the outer genital area. It then produces a sensation of heat and arousal. A trial pack costs about $30, including shipping. I ordered one.

If the Harvard article and the Zestra studies are right, Mrs. Lion may want sex again. I know that she says that she doesn’t care. Well, maybe she will care if she gets turned on again. I’ll do my best to help the cause.

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