Other bloggers have finally lost patience with the idiotic “prompts” and other gimmicks designed to flog lagging imaginations. I’m delighted to see individual thought ruling the day. One trope of very questionable value is “Locktober.” This bastardization of the month’s name is a cutesy way to suggest that men wearing male chastity devices stay locked in them for the entire month. Ho hum.

I admit that in years gone by, I wrote about Locktober, too. I avoided the stupid prompts, but I did acknowledge Locktober. I thought it was cute. Mrs. Lion didn’t keep me locked up the entire month without release. For a while, bloggers were doing one-upmanship on who waited the longest for an orgasm. Fortunately, that also faded into the background like marathon dance contests did in the 1920’s.

Many of the blogs have disappeared. The ones that remain have become far more interesting to me. The focus has shifted from hardware and orgasm denial to reports of day-to-day living in a female-led relationship. I’ve never cared how long other guys had to wait to ejaculate. I do care a lot about how their lives have changed with the addition of orgasm control and, maybe, spanking, too.

Discussions about spanking have grown up, too. Not too many years ago, a big deal was made about a spanking being administered to a bare bottom. It is understood that all spankings are given that way and that making a fuss about a bare ass is superfluous and a little silly.

We’ve grown up. Maybe people new to our particular kinks have trouble relating to what we write. That can’t be helped. After a decade, the novelty has worn off. Orgasm control is the only way I have sex. It isn’t humiliating or submissive. It’s just the way things are in our house. Mrs. Lion decides when I get to ejaculate. There’s no discussion or debate.

The same is true of spanking. She decides when I deserve a spanking, and she delivers it. There’s no ritual, no scolding, no drama at all. She simply sets up the spanking bench and tells me to mount it. She begins once my bare (of course!) bottom is over the back of the bench. Sometimes, she will remind me why I’m about to yelp in pain. Most of the time, she starts warming me up with light swats. When she decides I’m ready for the real spanking, she sets the timer to at least ten minutes and then goes to work.

There is no conversation. I can yelp or even yell, “Stop!” It doesn’t matter. She goes on and on. When the timer goes off, she almost always continues. The timer is set to make sure that she gives me a minimum of ten minutes of paddling. Most of the time, she goes on for another several minutes. She tells me when she is done, releases the strap holding me down, and helps me up if I need it. That’s it.

This is very different from the fantasy scenarios that used to dominate the blogosphere. As a point of fact, what we do now is far easier for a potential keyholder/spanker to relate to. It’s also sustainable. We are both comfortable with the arrangement.

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  1. I don’t think all spankings should be directly on the bare. I kinda like to experience the change in sensations, especially with the same toy, as it is experienced over steadily peeled off layers. But I do like it to end up on my bare bum 🙂


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