my penis in the cherry keeper
Locktober is celebrated by a month of chastity device wearing. For those of us who normally wear a chastity device, may be celebrating Unlocktober would be better for us.

Locktober is a synthetic, month-long male chastity holiday. Some blogger decided it would be fun to set up October as the official month for being locked into a male chastity device. Apparently a bunch of guys take this seriously and get themselves into their chastity devices not to come out before November 1.

It’s an interesting idea. For one thing, it celebrates the power exchange wearing a chastity device represents. It also sets a target for abstinence. Very few guys, me included, experience waits between orgasms as long as 31 days. My longest was 28 days and that was helped along by the fact that I had had surgery and was in pain for much of that time. When I did recover enough to get horny, 18 days had gone by. So I only actively suffered for a very-long 10 days.

As of yesterday, I’ve been waiting 10 days. If Mrs. Lion decides to participate in Locktober, it will be 38 days before my next orgasm. I’ll also have to go back into my cage. I’m not asking her to do this. Although it would solve the problem of me draining her energy by wanting sexual activity.

I don’t believe there are any explicit rules for Locktober. Our agreement is that I get edged at least every other day until my orgasm. Our move has forced Mrs. Lion to break that agreement. She’s been exhausted and not up to getting me up very often. Wednesday night was the first all-out edging session in some time. She edged me unmercifully using all of the patented lioness techniques to drive me wild. She even ended the session by taking my penis in her mouth and edging me that way as well.

At the end of an edging session, she usually takes my penis in her mouth. Unlike her normal oral sex position, she is next to me, sitting up on the bed. At the end of the session, she moves down and takes my penis in her mouth from the side. For the record, it feels just as good that way as when she is between my legs sucking me.

Usually, she spends just a few seconds giving me this oral attention. On Wednesday night, she kept at it until I was trying to hump her mouth and I was clearly just about ready to ejaculate. She stopped moving but left me in her mouth. Then, after I cooled off a bit, did it again. Finally, with a gentle kiss the tip of my cock, she withdrew and told me that was it for the night. I wasn’t very happy about that. I wonder if the Locktober rules prohibit teasing?

If I believed that the chastity device makers were good marketers, I would suspect that they were behind Locktober. It could be the male chastity version of Valentine’s Day. Guys and their partners would be encouraged to purchase chastity devices to wear for the month-long celebration. Even though our house is filled with untouched boxes of  possessions, one of the first things to surface when Mrs. Lion began unpacking was the Ziploc bag containing my Cherry Keeper and Jail Bird. Wouldn’t you know it?

She has the ammunition. All she has to do is load my cock into it and I’m joining the festivities. Of course, Locktober could be the time that all of us chaste males could celebrate by being free of our hardware. Maybe that could be called Unlocktober. I could get behind that.

Unlocktober could be celebrated as a festival of male orgasms. Instead of enforced male chastity, it would celebrate enforced male orgasms. Guys who celebrate this holiday would be required to have an orgasm at least every other day.Devout followers would have one each day.

This could be even more difficult than no orgasm for 31 days. It would certainly challenge me. I’m happiest if the spacing between orgasms is two to four days. Unlocktober is every bit a celebration of female control as Locktober. 31 days of enforced orgasms may sound like a lot of fun. I think after a week or so it will have the same sort of flavor that being made to wait has.

One way to make this celebration obviously female-centric is to restrict the kind of orgasm the guy gets to something very simple like being jerked off. Maybe that should be a rule. For Unlocktober; the man is masturbated while lying on his back. There is no foreplay, just getting down to business jerking him off. If the keyholder permits him to do himself, he can be required to jerk off the same way.

Unlocktober is a no-frills sexual holiday. It’s not a celebration of male sexual fun. It’s a demonstration that being made to have orgasms is every bit as difficult as being made to wait. It may even be harder. It won’t take very long before it becomes tedious to be mechanically masturbated day after day.

I think that if Mrs. Lion decides to celebrate Unlocktober, I will be very glad to see November arrive. There is another benefit to this: It resets our sexual clocks. By the end of the month we will be in the habit of very frequent release. Returning to orgasm denial will be difficult, almost the same as when we first started.

Sound like fun, Mrs. Lion?


  1. An intriguing idea. As I’m at 161 days since orgasm, I think I’ll pass. ( not my decision anyways lol).

    1. Author

      One and only offer the holiday. Not everyone will choose to celebrate it. 🙂

  2. Interesting idea. My owner isn’t interested in Locktober, but I could see her loving the idea of Unlocktober. If my last month is any indication, I wouldn’t like it for long.

    1. Author

      I’m sure that it won’t take a week before I’m sorry I made up this idea. So far, Mrs. Lion doesn’t seem too interested.

  3. what cage is in the picture?

    1. Author

      Cherry Keeper

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