Another Frustrating Night

The clock is ticking. Every day that goes by makes it less likely I will get to ejaculate before my birthday in a week. As of Saturday, when I am writing this, it’s been 15 days. My average wait over the last five months happens to be 15 days. None of the waits was exactly that length. The range was between 7 and 23. Mrs. Lion plans to give me a birthday fuck. If she does, it will be the first vaginal sex in over three years.

Some people who play with orgasm control celebrate Locktober. The idea is that the penis stays locked in a chastity device the entire month. Last year we decided to do the opposite, and Mrs. Lion gave me three orgasms. I know, whoopee. Anyway, fall seems to bring out a desire to find reasons to withhold sex. Some celebrate NOvember. This means no orgasms in November. From what I can learn, NOvember is more for women than men.

These ideas offer some excitement for people who have trouble creating their own. Several blogs like to suggest “themes” or “prompts” that other bloggers use to stimulate ideas for posts. I resist these artificial idea generators, and I don’t read or list blogs that follow them. I figure that if a writer can’t come up with something original, maybe the best idea is to wait until something creative surfaces on its own.

We have dry days here. I don’t pretend I can come up with scintillating topics every day. But write posts based on a letter of the alphabet? Puleeze! My point is that a blog is very much like an old-fashioned column in a newspaper. Some are daily, and others are published less often. To get read, the columnist has to engage his readers. We’ve established our voices. Sometimes I wonder if it pays to write a post when nothing is going on here. Other times, I like the opportunity to sound off. Today is one of those days.

I’m appealing to my fellow bloggers to disregard the “prompts” they find and instead write something original. My prompt for you is “Be Original.”