Yesterday after work, I changed the bed. I didn’t realize the comforter was still damp until I had it on the bed. I offered to put a towel down as a barrier between the dampness and the Lion. He said we didn’t need to play. Well, yeah. We don’t need to play, but I thought he wanted to. Maybe he thought I didn’t want to.

I’m unsure if I should take no for an answer tonight. Unless he’s sick, I should tie him to the bed and go from there. If he resists (why would he?), I could even tie him down and then give him the boner shot. I don’t think I’ll have any issues with him. He wants this, after all, right? I mean, he may not want IcyHot on his balls while it’s burning, but he likes the idea of it. Well, he likes the idea of me doing things to him even if he doesn’t like it at the time. I don’t know why. [Lion — Me either.]

It still does not make any sense to me why he wants me to be in charge of him even for a minute. I would never stop a cop, tell him I’d been speeding a few miles back, and beg him to give me a ticket. I know eating my veggies is good for me, but I never think fondly of eating them. If I’m lusting after food, it’s probably a hamburger or pizza. I can’t wrap my head around why Lion craves a spanking or being helplessly bound to the bed. He finds nothing appealing about being stuck in traffic. To me, that’s sort of the same thing. I can’t go anywhere. I’m trapped between the car in front of me and the car behind me. Maybe there are even cars on both sides. I’m in traffic bondage. No, thank you. Thank you, but no.

Can someone explain to me what the appeal is? So far, Lion hasn’t been able to. On the other hand, maybe I do understand it to some extent. We love our football team even though they torture us by losing more often than not. Why do we do that?

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