Women on Twitter often ask for nudes from people who follow them. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that, but they often add “no genitals” to their requests. Does that mean you can’t post a picture if you have genitals? If so, a lot of people ignore this demand. They don’t want genitals in submitted pictures. I see lots of female complaints about men sending penis pictures. I find that puzzling.

Both men and women have favorite body parts that they consider sexually arousing. They also often have parts that make them uncomfortable. I’m sure this is the root cause of the “no genitals” demand. I have a big problem with it. First of all, I like seeing female genitals. No, I don’t like gynecological closeups. I do like images that include that general area of the body. Female thighs and tummies are very sexy. Where they meet is also a big turn-on for me.

I am very partial to female rear ends. I’m an ass man. I’m particularly partial to a nice female butt in jeans. Naked rears are also very hot. Most of the women I see on Twitter who like to pose in nude self-portraits are comfortable showing their breasts (meh!), legs and thighs, and rear views. Most restrict their “nudes” to their boobs. That’s too bad.

If you are willing to show your body and freely post images of your legs, butt, tummy, and boobs, why do you avoid showing your vagina? Is there something particularly obscene about that part of your body? I don’t get it. I know some women say they don’t like how they look down there. Maybe sharing and getting positive feedback would help them improve their self-images. I like to see all of a woman. I don’t read any special significance into images that avoid showing the pussy. Seeing one doesn’t indicate that its owner is promiscuous. It’s just part of a beautiful body.

The general aversion to “dick pics” may be an indication of the sort of images guys DM to a woman. Just as an extreme vaginal closeup isn’t a turn-on, a close shot of an erection is probably just as unappealing. A shot that shows more of the body sends a different message. Instead of, “I want to fuck you,” it says, “This is me.”

I wonder if the state of arousal also figures in. An erection indicates sexual arousal. Some women may find that a sort of attack. They may think that the owner of that penis wants to rape them. I’m being a bit extreme in that last sentence, but an erection can evoke fear. That makes me sad. My erection means that I’m aroused. It doesn’t suggest that I intend to use it like a weapon. I’m turned on and want to share it. From my perspective, showing my erection makes me vulnerable. I’m showing my feeling without reciprocation. It would hurt me if you laughed at my erection. I’m being vulnerable.

Most of the pictures of my penis that I’ve published have been with it flaccid. I feel a lot less vulnerable when I show myself unaroused. Those images show my body in its usual state. I’m not aroused. I’m just naked me. That’s a lot easier to share.

If you are going to take nude pictures, please DO include genitals. They are a very nice part of any person’s body. If you can send a picture of your boobs with erect nipples, you might as well show the rest. I know that I would enjoy the view.

Every time  I write a post about pubic hair, it gets a lot (for us) of comments. They come from men who also remove their hair down there. Women remain silent on the subject. Maybe guys think about their pubic hair more than women. I’m pretty sure that males are much more visual about genitals. Many aren’t particularly attracted to that part of a man. Male butts seem far more interesting to them.

I get this data from my reading on social media. I get that women feel naughty about showing their breasts and bottoms. They don’t feel inclined to show their vaginas. This limitation on their self-exposure may be the same as their disinterest in penises.

Even though my genitals are prominently featured in various posts, I have no illusion that those images are appealing to either sex. The only picture of me that seems to show my genitals in a good light is a full-length nude of me standing. My genitals are far from prominent. They are revealed as a natural feature of my landscape.

I am not particularly attracted to closeups of random pussies. Images like that don’t turn me on. I do like seeing Mrs. Lion’s vagina. She is very fond of seeing my erections. I think it’s because we are sexual partners. I’m not saying that female nudes don’t appeal to me. They do if I feel visual context. Maybe other men see things differently. Porn and closeups of vaginas never do it for me.

I admit that I am very interested in seeing a cute ass. Rear views are most welcome. One of my favorites is a woman with a cute butt in tight jeans. While I like it, anal sex has never been my favorite. However, I am very partial to reverse cowgirl. I get great sensations and a spectacular rear view.

I digress. My point is that women, at least publically, tend to agree that penis pictures are generally unwelcome. The exception is that closeups of aroused friends and lovers are generally welcome. I agree that it seems strange to imagine that a picture of your erection is a good way to introduce yourself to a stranger. I don’t think my cock is particularly special. I’m told I have a nice smile and a cute butt.

Every so often, I forget to schedule my posts, and they go live as soon as I save them. That happened yesterday with my “Body Image” post. Despite being so public, I’m still uncomfortable with how people, especially women, look at me.

This isn’t a new problem. I can’t think of a time in my life when I wasn’t sure that I was ugly. I wasn’t fat. For most of my adult life, I was 170 to 180 lbs. This isn’t bad considering I’m 6-2. I was too shy to approach women. Fortunately, a fair number approached me. Still, I missed out on a lot.

I’m heavier now. I suppose age and careless eating have done me in. Still, I wish I could feel more accepted. I know that many women have similar concerns. Body image and self-esteem are close relatives. Men don’t generally talk about this. I am.

Mrs. Lion says that she likes my body. I find that very difficult to believe. She also thinks I’m smart and I’m a good writer. Maybe I’m smart, but so far, not one literary agent has shown interest in my book. I’m looking for feedback that will either end my writing career or give me enough hope to go on.

If I’m going to be completely honest, it would be nice to get validation on my body too. I don’t smile when I publish a nude picture of myself. I don’t imagine any women (or men) find my genitals good-looking. The trouble they may be in is interesting, but the actual body is meh.

Silence is as bad as “yuck.” Agents don’t want to read my book because I’m not interesting. People don’t like my naked parts, so they don’t comment here or on Twitter. No news is truly bad news. I know that people do like our posts. I’m very proud that I have a lot of readers. But when it comes to how I look, let’s face it, no news is bad news.

[Mrs. Lion — What can I do to convince him I like his body? I don’t believe him when he says he likes my body either.]

I don’t know about other bloggers, but I rarely think about how revealing a blog can be. For example, over four million people have seen my naked body. That’s a big number. My face is the only part of me that hasn’t been published here. Every single orgasm since 2014 has been graphically documented here. Any adult can read about my sex life.

I suppose that was my goal when I started publishing. I certainly didn’t think about this in detail. I wanted to write about our adventures with male chastity. Well, duh, that had to include a lot of information about my penis—much more than I expected.

What I wanted was a chance to offer real information about male chastity. Mrs. Lion contributes every day too. She makes sure that what I write is accurate and fills in missing details. The result is a lot more than authoritative male chastity information. It’s a no-holds-barred look at my sex life.

I’ve gotten a lot out of writing here. Mrs. Lion learns how I’m feeling and what I might want or not want. I learn her reactions to what we do. The blog fine-tunes our activities. We are only two readers. There are many more. It’s not the same as just having sex in public. Our readers know what we offer and come because they are interested.

Still, I have no control over who gets to see my bare, spanked bottom or my hairless genitals. If you want to see it, you can. I can’t stop you. I’m generally aware of this on some level. When a reader reacts positively, it’s exciting and makes me want to do more. When the response is hurtful, I wonder why I did this in the first place.

I also thought about which image makes me feel most exposed. Ironically, it isn’t a closeup of my erect penis. It’s a picture I took outdoors a few years ago. I’m standing naked on our deck. All of my imperfections are clearly visible—lumpy lion. I’m not sure I ever published it. It’s me at my most vulnerable.

I thought a lot about sharing this image. It dispels any fantasies about my body. It’s unlikely you will find me sexy after you see it. I doubt you read the blog because you are attracted to me.