You Have (Not) Spoken

The only positive feedback I got from yesterday’s post was verbal from Mrs. Lion. No comments from either women or men saying that they like seeing me naked. This is disappointing but not unexpected. Most women don’t react positively to naked strangers. This is probably an evolutionary adaptation. Men react almost all the time. Also, female bloggers tend to post nude pictures of themselves or female friends. Clearly, they prefer seeing other females even if they are heterosexual.

The nudes of me that readers like

As a male sex blogger, this puts me at a disadvantage. About half of our readers are female. They don’t particularly like seeing my penis in or out of male chastity devices. The male half of our readership appears to enjoy images of my penis locked in chastity devices. That’s fair; it’s one of the main things this blog is about.

Both male and female readers (and Mrs. Lion) like to see images of my spanked, naked bottom. There is a certain sexiness about this. Other men who are spanked or want to be spanked enjoy imagining what produced the marks. I think our female readers enjoy the evidence of Mrs. Lion’s authority. In over seven years, no one reacted positively to the unspanked images of my naked ass.

The ones they don’t.

I realize that I have a fairly typical butt. For that matter, my penis is average too. The only reason anyone would react positively to my unspanked ass or erect penis would have more to do with feelings toward me as a person. Some level of sexual interest is probably needed before a woman would have any particular interest in my sexual parts. At the very least, an emotional connection is required.

What I get from the lack of reaction to my picture is that my writing fails to create an emotional connection with readers. About one-third of our readers come in from searches. These people are looking for information, not connection. In the past, we received comments that some people like following the flow of our relationship. Even though this is a sexual blog, the interest doesn’t appear to extend to sexual interest or curiosity.

Another possibility is that maybe our readers would instead create mental images of us and find photographs irrelevant or disturbing. What about me? What do I want? I like that you take the time to read our blog. It’s important to me. I guess I would be happier if you also liked my pictures. I am OK with sticking to text-only. The exhibitionist in me wants to show you my naughty bits. Oh well.

The logical decision is to limit images to direct illustrations of our topics. The images don’t have to be of me. You have spoken. More correctly, you haven’t said anything.


  1. Okay, I will go. I don’t think you have to necessarily stop posting pics. It’s real life. In all honesty, when I saw the post I thought “good for him. That’s brave’ and never gave the thought of writing you any thought. I will say this is particularly funny timing because I was going to write one day about a dream I had about all the bloggers and that we all found ourselves in a subway train and all accidentally sat near each other and started disclosing our kinks. For you and Mrs. Lion, I was absolutely shocked when you introduced yourselves because, in my dream, you looked like Bo Duke in 1987 and, to my surprise, Mrs. Lion was a 6’4 African American goddess with a shaved head. So, timing wise, you just brought me back to reality but I will tell you I now read your posts with that filter on in my head and the Mrs will always be 6’4 to me.

    What you said about exposing the reality does have some truth in it. 100 years ago when I would read Thumper’s accounts of sex with Belle, it was hot and to this gay guy was fascinating. Now that both of their muggle lives show in my muggle Facebook feed, I honestly cannot read those posts any more because it’s a huge invasion of my “friend’s” privacy in my mind only and, well, it’s just weird. Another example I had was a man in another country I would work in who, through his non defunct Twitter account, would describe the sexiness of his wife down to the details of her private areas and had descriptions of her legs that would make a gay man want to switch teams. We had dinner one night together and she joined us and I was speechless (luckily) because she looked like a tall version of Sophia Petrillo from the Golden Girls. Picture this – I couldn’t. After that day, the fantasy of their posts no longer applied to me. I was fascinated and thrilled that he truly saw her the way he described, but the truth ended the fantasy vision there.

    So, to sum up, be you. I would also suspect that because it was your body, it’s much harder to comment than anyone else’s because, even in the blogging realm, people are shy.

    1. Author

      Thanks for the very thoughtful reply. You know what my body looks like. I hate to burst your bubble, but Mrs. Lion is only 5’6″ with a very nice body. Way back in the past, we have chatted back and forth via email. I hope you remember. Both Mrs. Lion and I are comfortable with the real us being revealed. I would be very happy to take that subway ride to give you a chance to talk to us. One of the key reasons I asked Mrs. Lion to join me in blogging was to offer a genuine discussion of our kinks. None of what we write lives in the world of fantasy. We are what we are (and we are not real lions), and what we actually do is described as accurately as possible here. A good example of a less-than-fantasy experience is my recent difficulty with ejaculation. It would’ve been much cooler to write about wonderful ejaculations with fountains of semen being ejected whenever Mrs. Lion wants. Alas, that isn’t what happened.

      I think you’ve put in some photographs of yourself so I have an idea what you look like. You certainly know what I look like. Bloggers indeed tend to be introspective and shy in real life. I think this is true of most writers. Before I met Mrs. Lion, I was a very public figure in the kink world. I presented workshops from coast-to-coast. I was also a consultant, not unlike you. Interestingly, I only got “caught” once. That happened when I was running for the Board of Directors of an S&M organization and was visiting a client. One of the people at the client office recognized me and said, “I voted for you.” Needless to say, I was pretty shocked. However, the earth didn’t open up and swallow me, and nobody in the client’s office noticed.

      I think it’s different on the Internet. What we write and show here never goes away. Therefore, anonymity makes a lot of sense in public writing. However, there’s nothing to stop us from being friends privately. Anyway, thank you for the very thoughtful comment. I’ll let Mrs. Lion know you think she’s a giant African-American woman. Between you and me, she spanked like one.

  2. I like seeing naked male bodies in the context of femdom, and I prefer them to be more “normally” shaped guys as opposed to chiselled ab model types. But the rush is less the visual (or more accurately, not at all) and more the femdom thoughts it conjures.

    While I certainly have included photos of myself on my blog from time to time, just to “keep it real” and, to be completely honest, for some kind of humiliation/exhibitionist rush, I enjoy the process of seeking out on the Internet photos that illustrate what I’m writing about, generally featuring attractive younger women. I enjoy fantasizing about having a different body type than I actually have, and I know my blog readers enjoy gazing at those photos to complement their reading.

    So you see, we’re all in the same boat!

    1. Author

      Thanks! I guess we are in the same boat. I do the same things you do in terms of seeking out images that don’t include me to illustrate the blog. I also like the idea that my readers know what the real me looks like, imperfect as I am.

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