I didn’t realize it, but today is actually the end of our heatwave. We hit 102 yesterday and it’s supposed to be hotter today. Yuck! It’s supposed to be high 70s/low 80s for the rest of the month though. Check back with me in December/January when I’m complaining about the cold.

Despite my warning that I will start enforcing the email rule, I don’t have an email from Lion and it’s past noon. It’s a good thing the air conditioner in the bedroom works very well because I’ll probably work up a sweat whomping him. I’m sure his buns will be on fire when I’m done.

Our old coffee pot died a few weeks ago. We waited a while for a replacement, which was defective. We waited another while for its replacement. In that time, Lion didn’t need to set up the coffee pot. I’m happy to report that he’s been following his rule with the new coffee pot. He even did it on a day he didn’t feel well. I often overlook his rules if he doesn’t feel well. I may be wrong, but it seems too mean to enforce them.

I never asked Lion if he’d rather have me set a timer or not. Just because the timer goes off doesn’t mean I’ll stop swatting, but he’d know how much time had elapsed. Does he like to know? I haven’t decided which way I like better either. I tend to spank until I’m tired or his butt is a lovely shade of ouch.

[Lion — I originally suggested the timer because disciplinary spankings were getting short and shorter. The old, now-defunct Disciplinary Wives Club website proposed a timer set for ten minutes for one offense and adding five minutes for each additional offense. Mrs. Lion agreed to try it. It worked painfully well. When a timer is set, and Mrs. Lion goes at least as long as the setting, the punishment is uniformly severe. Lately, she has not set a timer, and my bottom has been a lot less sore when she finishes.

I think that the timer provides quality control for her spankings. I have to say that when it goes off, and she keeps swatting away, it has a big effect on me. Those extra-inning swats hurt a lot more.]

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  1. Thankyou again for great post just to reflect to the weather Australia moving towards Summer but as still in winter but having spring days Globe warming.
    21 days since Mrs gave me a spanking like said before more sexaul play than DD ,Mrs has been sick and has bone condition where become sore very quickly so a timer was introduced now at 20 minutes but Mrs will a bit ? longer but she still feels guilty but our last session was over 2 days .
    Wednesday was spanking and denial, Thursday with intercourse and unlocked for that now in my 9th year in chastity .
    How to Dominate your husband
    Put that post in archives for later reading after reading it and most men will our do seek to be Dominate. Change is good as a holiday they say and yes did watch the same show that Loin watched, married men can find it hard to interduce this and talk about it I know because myself find it hard to bring subjects up about sex play and would like Mrs 427 step out the vanilla side a bit more (39 years married) and like her be more proactive in the Dominations side with spanking, chastity has too, her in understanding has come over time ,was self and keyhold online with Master but started with Mrs 427 first but life has its challenges and things change.
    Question is as married couple as men who are look at as Dominate one in the relationship work and provide for family once the family go and live their lifestyle but knowing as we as provider and yes times have changed and family structures were the female is much as provider as the male now.
    I know in my case earlier in my marriage Mrs 427 had to play the Dominate roll as been away for months.

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